Golden Rules of Accounting with example
Golden rule is said to be the foundation stone of accounting, This is the rule using by which all accounting & Financial report are built. The term ‘Golden rules of accounting’ is popularly used in Indian Accounting.  Harold Averkamp of clearly states that no books are found with this topic Golden Rule of Accounting in USA.Instead… (0 comment)

Commonly used Terms & Conditions of an Invoice
Here we will share you some common terms and conditions used in an Invoice. Hope something will help to create your own Invoice T& C which suits your Sales & service process. Before writing those sample Terms & conditions,I will try to explain some Abbreviation found on Invoices T& C. You can Include such terms or short form in… (0 comment)

Add declaration and terms & conditions in Tally ERP 9
Most of the invoices have terms and conditions or declaration printed on it. A declaration is a must for  for Tax invoice as per commercial tax department in most states. By default Tally ERP 9 has a declaration “We declare that this invoice shows the actual price of the goods described and that all particulars… (0 comment)

How to Prepare Tax Invoice in Tally ERP 9
By printing an invoice in Tally ERP 9 gives you a default title ‘Invoice’. You may want to print an invoice titled Tax Invoice to comply VAT Rules. In such cases Tally allow you to print the invoice with desired title. For some states There are specific forms for creating VAT invoices. Like Form 36, Form 8. In… (1 comment)

What is a Tax Invoice ?
A tax invoice is an invoice issued by a registered dealer to another dealer which shows tax payable or paid to the government. The dealer who receives the tax invoice may a registered dealer or unregistered dealer. It is a legal document. You must possess a purchase tax invoice if you want to claim Input tax… (0 comment)

What is an asset? and classification of assets
You might have used the term ‘Asset’ many times in you life. The real meaning of assets in accounting concepts is “Assets are what the business owns”.Assets are the things of value owned by a business or economic resources of a business. Assets are business property and possessions such as cash, book debts or debtors ,stock,… (0 comment)