How to activate GST in Tally ERP 9 ?

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In this session You will learn how to activate GST in Tally ERP 9. Once you deactivated VAT,Central excise & Service wef. 01-07-2017. You can activate GST in tally. This will enables GST details at all levels of Tally erp 9. You will see gst details at ledger level, stock item level, group level and GST return can be generated.

Please follow the below steps to activate GST

  1. Open company you want GST to be used.
  2. Press F11 Features ,This will show you a company feature menu
  3. Press F3: Statutory button will display statutory & taxation screen.

In the screen you will find options,

    1. Enable goods and service tax (GST) : Yes
    2. Set/alter GST Details : Yes

This will display another screen where you can set GST Details of the company.

gst details

State : State selected here will help tally to identifying local sales and interstate sales. The state you selected should be the state you selected at company details while creating comapny. Make sure that there is no mismatch.

Registration type: ‘Regular’ selected automatically.

GSTIN/UIN :  All the business registered under GST regime will be issued a unique identification number called GSTIN or Goods and service tax identification number. Which contain letter and alphabets. Enter the GSTIN or UIN .GSTIN and UIN is the same number issued by the department called in two different name. Tally will warn you in case you entered a wrong structured GSTIN.

Applicable from : Goods and service tax implemented in 01-07-2017. Enter the date you want to start using GST in tally. This date will be the starting point. You cannot input GST vouchers before the date. The date may not be 01-07-2017. Instead if your business start selling on 12-07-2017 you can use this date also.

Set/alter GST rate Details:  If you set this Yes, Tally will open another screen where you can enter GST rate details. You can set rate details here only if you have a single tax rate commodity . We will discuss tax rate setup in detail in next chapter.

Enable GST Classification : This allows you to classify GST Goods based on its nature and % tax. For example  You can create biscuit as classification. and under which your can create so many stock item like Tiger Biscuit, Parle-G With same tax rate. We will have a detailed tutorial on this in coming sessions.

Provide LUT/Bond Detail :  This is the bond for giving surety to pay tax integrated tax payable on export. The details like bond No & Validity shall be mentioned here.

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