Fixed asset purchase using purchase voucher in Tally ERP 9
Normally assets purchased for resale is entered through purchase voucher.For example a car seller purchase cars for re-sale in this case we enter car as inventory through purchase voucher. That is only ledger created under group purchase account can only be selected in the purchase voucher.Car purchased for staff or motor vehicles purchased for delivery… (2 comments)

Fixed assets purchase entry in tally erp 9
Business purchases fixed assets for its operations like plant and machinery for manufacturing process, Land and building for setting up office and factory.Furniture and fittings,computers and software for office operations. In this lesson we will learn how to account fixed assets in tally erp 9. FIxed asset accounting in tally erp 9 First thing to… (7 comments)

How to Prepare Purchase Order In Tally ERP 9
Let’s learn purchase order in Tally ERP 9.Purchase order is a document issued by the buyer to the seller informing or placing his order . It is popularly abbreviated as PO.Normally a PO contains the following information to communicate with seller for better order processing. date and PO Number Name & address of the vendor… (1 comment)

Purchase voucher entry in tally erp 9
In this guide you will learn purchase entry in tally with example. Purchase vouchers are used to record all types of purchases like Cash & Credit. What is a Purchase? In accounting Purchase is a direct expense and it used to calculate cost of goods sold. In General all purchase cannot be treated and posted… (4 comments)
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