Create Expense and income ledger in tally erp 9
In previous lesson we have created sales and purchase ledger, here we are learning to create Expense and Income Ledger. Expense and income are in two types. One is called direct and other one is called indirect. Direct income and direct expenses are the part of trading account and Indirect income and expenses are the… (2 comments)

Create Purchase and sales Ledger or account In tally
Purchase and sales ledgers are inevitable part for accounting activities of every businesses. Most of you know how to create purchase and sales ledger. This is nothing more than what we discussed earlier about ledger creation. However we are explaining of creating purchase ledger and sales ledger for freshers. Purchase and sales are part of trading account;… (4 comments)

How to create multiple ledger in tally erp 9
Multiple ledger creation in tally is very useful and time saving feature, In older versions of tally, we could create multiple ledgers under a single group .For example you can create many debtors ledger under sundry debtor group, but you cannot create ledgers under  Sundry debtors and Sundry creditors at a time. Now in ERP9 you can… (1 comment)
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