Create Expense and income ledger in tally erp 9
In previous lesson we have created sales and purchase ledger, here we are learning to create Expense and Income Ledger. Expense and income are in two types. One is called direct and other one is called indirect. Direct income and direct expenses are the part of trading account and Indirect income and expenses are the… (2 comments)

Create Purchase and sales Ledger or account In tally
Purchase and sales ledgers are inevitable part for accounting activities of every businesses. Most of you know how to create purchase and sales ledger. This is nothing more than what we discussed earlier about ledger creation. However we are explaining of creating purchase ledger and sales ledger for freshers. Purchase and sales are part of trading account;… (4 comments)

How to delete a company in tally
Deleting a company is the thing that you should take more care about. Once deleted company cannot be recovered if you do not have back-up of data.Delete a company is similar to delete a voucher or ledger and as easy  to do.There are two methods are explained in this tutorial.You can follow any one of them.But make… (1 comment)

copy masters from one company to another in tally
Copying masters from one company to another company is possible in tally. This is useful when you are running a branch company of same business. While consolidating two companies’ accounts, similar masters are very useful. I think you must have known what masters are? Master refers to the following Accounts Groups, Ledgers, Inventory group, Stock… (16 comments)

How to delete a group in tally?
We have learned how to create,display and edit group in Tally ERP 9.There may be situations of deleting group like you have moved all existing ledger from a group and that groups remains unused in your system. Today let’s learn how to delete a group in tally. Before deleting you must understand when a groups can… (0 comment)

Display( view), alter( modify),groups in tally
Now we know how to create a new group under a single group, create group under advance mode and multiple groups’ creation. In this chapter we are going to discuss How to view a group in tally. How to modify a group in tally As group creation, each of the actions mentioned above have two… (0 comment)
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