Business don’t keep cash in their premises, they deposit every day collection to the bank or banks. For depositing cash and cheque each and every bank has its own printed deposit slips. But in tally also there is a cash deposit slip and a cheque deposit slip that can be submitted to the bank for collection. Many banks are not accepting a printed slip in customer own format. If  any bank allow this, you have an option in tally.

How to print cash deposit slip?

All the fields in a bank deposit slips are available for print in tally cash deposit slip. First you should have some cash deposit entries in tally.

For example ABC Ltd deposited 55424 Inr  to state bank of India , You can enter this transaction through contra voucher.

The bank allocation should be as follows,  transaction type must be cash as shown in the figure below.

Cash Deposit transaction type

Immediately after hitting enter key,you will get a denomination entry form.

cash deposit denominations

cash deposit entry voucher

How to print cash deposit slip ?

To print cash deposit slip go to

Gateway of tally> Banking > Deposit slip>Cash Deposit slip

The banks list will display ,In our example there is only one bank in the list.

banks list

Select your bank, state bank of India here.

The list of cash deposits entry will be displayed.

List of cash deposit entry

Click on the line of entry you want to print cash deposit slip

Then click on select  button at the bottom right or use shortcut key Space bar , after selection the line will have changed to a dark blue color.

selected entry for cash deposit slip printing

Now click on Print button or use Alt +P

Printing cash deposit slip configuration screen will displayed

You can allow printing company’s telephone. mobile number, PAN  by enabling the option by typing Yes.

cash deposit slip printing configuration

Save, the screen, you will get a cash deposit slip preview

Cash deposit slip preview

Hit enter to print or click on Yes.

You will get two copies of cash deposit slip.

Banker’s copy & Customer’s Copy.

cash deposit slip

How to print cheque deposit slip?

Cheque deposit slip is similar to printing cash deposit slip. Whenever you receive a payment from customer or some other parties in the form of  cheque or demand draft we will deposit the same into bank account. Banks provides their own printed deposit slip or pay in slip which needs to be filled manually.  Tally gives you an options for printing cheque deposit slips write from cheque deposit entry.We will explain this with an example.


ABC Ltd received a cheque of Indusind Bank bearing cheque no 125460 dtd 2-6-2018  for Rs 150000. The same shall be entered into the system and need a cheque deposit slip for deposit.

Open your receipt voucher by pressing F6 from Accounting voucher screen.

Enter bank receipt entry of Rs 150000, the bank allocation screen should contain, the cheque number, instrument date, instrument number, payee bank etc.

Gateway of Tally>Banking>Deposit slip>Cheque Deposit slip

Select the deposited bank from the list.

Select the entry by pressing space bar from the list of entries.

Click print button or use Alt + P from list.

The printing configuration will appear, make changes for printing received from, company phone, mobile PAN etc.

This will print two copy, banker copy and customer copy as shown in the below image.

cheque printing slips

Hope this helps you in printing both cash deposit slip and cheque deposit slip.

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Payment advice is a standard practice of every business when making payments especially bank payments. Normally you have to create a format in word processor or ms excel and take the printout in a paper or letter head . Remittance letter or payment advice is an intimation to a supplier that their invoice has been paid.

How to create payment advice

In tally erp 9 creating and printing of payment advice is made simple let’s create a payment advice.

Go to gateway of tally> Banking > Payment advice

The list of ledger will appear as  shown below.

list of ledgers for payment advice

If you selected All item from the list all payments will be displayed  as shown below.

all item payment advice

Press F12 Configure to get more payment advice options.

configuration screen for all items payment advice

Confirm each payment advice before print/email option is available only if you have selected all items from the list.

If you want to print payment advice of a single party, select the particular party, in our example vishal mobile. and hit enter. all the payments of the particular party will be displayed.

payment advice of a particular party list

The configuration screen for single party is as follows.

payment advice configuration for a single party

Whatever the options to be printed in the payment advice,activate those by typing yes in the column.

How to print payment advice in tally ?

To print payment advice, you have to select the payments from the list, do you know how to select.

Place the cursor on the line then press space bar. in this way you can select as many as lines from the list.

Here I am selecting two lines

multiple line selected

Click print or use Alt+P to print the payment advice.

Printing payment advice configuration

You can activate /deactivate  options to be printed here also.

Hit enter to send the advice for printing. the printed advice will be look like

payment advice all in one page

In the above example you can see all payments you selected printed in a single payment advice. If you each payments are printed in a separate page.

Click F12 and activate the option

Start fresh page for each transaction for Print/eMail : Yes

start fresh page for each payment

Save the configuration, Now if you print the advice, it will printed each payment individually.

payment advice individual payment

How to email payment advice?

To send email to the party, you have to select the desired payments and click email button.

The email configuration screen will appear

fill up the required details and hit enter key.

In reverse charge under gst; the tax liability is imposed on the  receiver of the goods or services. In normal case we know the seller , supplier or services provider is liable to collect tax from buyer and responsible for the payment of tax. GST mandates the reverse charge mechanism( RCM) in the following three scenarios of business.

  1. Purchase from un-registered dealer ( ULD), The buyer is liable to pay GST.( Exemption limit is 5000 in a day.)  Section 9(4) of CGST/SGST (UTGST) Act, 2017/section 5(4) of IGST Act, 2017
  2. Import, The importer is responsible for tax payment.
  3. Certain goods and services notified by the govt under section 9(3) of CGST/SGST (UTGST) Act,
    2017/&section 5(3)of IGST Act, 2017.

Activate Revers charge in tally

F11 Features> F3 Statutory

Activate gst & set alter gst details, In the gst details screen.

Enable tax liability on reverse charge: Yesenable tax liability on reverse charge

Reverse charge voucher entry from unregistered dealer

ABC Ltd purchased 10 Nos mobiles from Vishal Mobiles @ 900 each. the gst rate of mobile is 12% HSN code is 8517. Vishal Mobiles is an unregistered dealer.

  • Create a party ledger, Registration type of party should be selected as Unregistered.
  • Create stock item mobile ,Set gst rate at stock item level.

When you purchase from an unregistered dealer, there will not be any tax in the invoice hence the purchase voucher entry look like .

purchase from unregistred dealer

Note: If you entered a purchase invoice of less than five thousand. The purchase will not become taxable. If you made another purchase from same dealer or another URD  dealer in a day, the total of all purchase is greater than 5000, the entire amount will become taxable under reverse charge.

Reverse charge on purchase of service from Un Registered Dealer ( URD)

05-04-2018 ABC Ltd purchases ‘Accounting services’ Raj Associates Rs 6000. GST Rate for 18% ,Raj associate is an unregistered dealer of services.

  • Create an accounting service ledger,Make sure that you Activate GST & Set alter gst rates in the ledger itself.
  • Create raj associate ledger, registration type unregistered.

Accounting Voucher> F9 Purchases 

For entering service invoice, you should change the voucher mode to accounting invoice use shortcut key Alt + I.

service purchase from unregistered dealer

Click on Tax analysis Alt+F1 You can see the tax details subject to reverse charge.

tax analysis of service purchase

Come back and save the voucher. You can view all these entries in GSTR-2 & GSTR 3B.

Reverse charge entry on inward supplies ( purchase)

Under section 9 (3) under CGST/SGST/UTGST Act and section 5(3) IGST Act states certain notified goods and services are compulsorily reverse chargeable irrespective of the status of dealer registered or unregistered.


On 06-04-2018 ABC Ltd purchases 10 KG tobacco leaves from Star tobacco international a registered dealer  @ 250 /kg . GST rate is 5% under reverse charge.

  • Create stock item tobacco leaves with reverse charge applicable & gst rate 5% . In gst details  press F12 to get this option.

gst details with reverse charge applicable to stock item

  • Create star tobacco international as a registered supplier under sundry creditors.

Now enter

Now enter the purchase

purchase with reverse chargeable goods

Reverse charge entry under import of services

When you import goods or services from foreign country IGST is applicable on Total value of commodity + Basic custom duty + cess + higher education cess.

On 07-04-2018 ABC Ltd imports  Software Development services Worth $ 5000  from  Baikal INC   a USA Company,The conversion rate is  73 INR. Total value of commodity is  365000 in INR.

  • In the above scenario Create a party ledger ‘ Baikal INC’ ,The country should be selected  USA, in this case, make sure that you have not selected India as the country of service provider.
  • Create a service ledger ‘Software development’ under direct or indirect expense based on the nature of usage of service in your business, In GST details reverse charges should be enabled.

service ledger reverse charge import

Let’s input this import entry in purchase voucher as usual.

Accounting voucher> Purchase F9

Import of service voucher entry

If you view Tax analysis Alt+A, Tally automatically detect the entry is import & reverse chargeable. Import is treated as interstate sale and IGST is chargeable.

tax analysis import

GSTR-3B  Report

You can see the reverse charges liability to be booked in the GSTR-3B or GSTR-2 Report.

Display> Statutory Reports>GST> GSTR-3B

GSTR 3B Report

In the report, You can see

Reverse charge liability and input credit to be booked

  1. URD Purchases reverse charge  tax liability   2160
  2. Reverse charge  on inward supply ( purchases )  125
  3. Import of services  65700.00

Let’s take the first case, The purchase from URD is eligible for ITC , Hence  you have to book the tax payment liability & ITC. To do this.

Select The URD purchases and Hit enter, you will get a detailed report of the purchase from URD.

list of purchases from unregistered dealer

Tax liability & input tax credit booking of purchase from URD

Note down all liability or keep in mind, Click Alt + J or Stat adjustment button from the above screen.

You will get statutory adjustment option.

statutory adjustment

The nature of adjustment automatically selected, Increase the tax liability & input tax credit. This means from the all above reverse charge entry there was no tax is booked. You have to book these tax liability & input tax credit separately.

Hit enter Key.

For booking input tax credit, you should debit the following ledgers.

6 %     9000        CGST     540 ………. Dr

6%      9000        SGST      540………..Dr

9%     6000          CGST     540 ……….Dr

9%     6000          SGST      540………Dr

For booking GST Payable  you should credit the following ledger with the taxable amount.

6 %     9000        CGST     540 ………. Cr

6%      9000        SGST      540………..Cr

9%     6000          CGST     540 ……….Cr

9%     6000          SGST      540……….Cr

Let’s book this in the statutory adjustment voucher.

adjustment for all urd purchases

How to make the payment of Tax payable on RCM

Let’s make the payment of tax, say paying on 01-05-2018 Urd purchase tax 2160

Go to payment voucher > Alt +S  For making statutory payment.

statutory payments

Here is the payment voucher.

urd purchase payment voucher

Now you can view the input tax credit in your balance sheet as minus balance in Tax liability.

Tax credit in balance sheet

Adjusting entry of Tax liability on Inward supply under reverse charge

The next one is booking of tax liability and ITC on inward supply. In GSTR-3B Place the cursor on Reverse charge inward supply Under Reverse charge liability and Input credit to be booked, Hit ENTER.

You will get the List of reverse charge supplies and tax liability summary.

List of reverse charge supply

Now press Alt+J or click on Stat Adjustment, the relevant option will appear automatically.

Stat adjustment

Press ENTER.

You have to create a ledger RCM u/s 9(3)  under group current asset.

revrse charge adjustment under inward supply

Save the voucher, Now you can see the RCM under sec 9 (3) ledger & it’s balance in Balance sheet.

Now let’s make payment of tax liability of inward supply

Go to payment Voucher > Stat payments  Alt+S

statutory payment of rcm inward supply

Here is the payment voucher.

Statutory payment voucher

Hit enter & save

Booking of  input tax credit of purchase under reverse charge

Journal voucher >Statutory adjustment.

Increase of input tax liability of inward suppy

Here is the adjustment entry

adjust ment entry increase of input tax credit rcm inward supply

Now you look at the balance sheet, the ITC amount is increased by 125.

Adjusting entry of Tax liability on import of service under reverse charge

In GSTR-3B You can see the import of service is the only tax liability to be booked.

gstr 3b

Hit enter, and go to details

click statutory adjustment to increase the tax liability to be booked, the relevant option automatically selected as shown below.

statutory adjustment for import

Here is the RCM on import tax liability booking entry

Tax payment entry of RCM under import

Payment voucher> Stat payment

rcm payment entry under reverse charge of import

ITC booking of RCM Import entry

Journal voucher > Stat Adjustment

Increase of input tax credit.

purchase under reverse charge

Save the screen. Now if you look at balance sheet, you can see all the input tax credit displayed in your balance sheet. And at the same time you have completed all tax payments and other tax compliances under GST reverse charge.

input tax credit under reverse charge in tally

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GSTR-4 is the quarterly return to be filed by a composition dealer. As you know composition dealer is a registered tax payer under gst. A Composition dealer can have a a turnover less than 1.5 crore. Composition dealer cannot trade outside of state no input tax is available on purchases they make. They have to issue Bill of supply instead of Invoice for all the sales and a fixed tax rate is applicable on total sale while making tax payments.

Composition dealers can easily generate GSTR-4 in JSON format using tally . This file can be directly uploaded on the GST portal. GSTR-4 can be exported in MS-Excel format as well as per preference. Before generating GSTR-4 in MS-Excel, you have to download the Excel Offline Utility from the GST portal.

GSTR-4 report in tally includes the details of taxable outward supplies, and inward supplies under reverse charge, made by a GST composition dealer in a given period.

GSTR-4 Return filing Due date

Period Due Date
April-June 2018 18th July 2018
July-Sept 2018 18th Oct 2018
Oct-Dec 2018 18th Jan 2019
Jan-Mar 2019 18th Apr 2019

GSTR-4 Filing By Generating json file from tally erp 9

Generating Json file and uploading  to the GST portal is quite a simple, Before doing anything you should check GSTR-4 Report of tally erp 9 for any errors. You should rectify any errors found in the report and start generate json.

How Generate GSTR-4 returns in the JSON format?

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > GST > GSTR-4 .

gstr-4 export

  • In the above report,the period is April to June 2018, You should select quarter in which you are filing GSTR-4 return.
  • We are exporting  json file, To export file press  Ctrl+E  or click export button.

The company GSTIN/UIN should be correct , as the exporting file contains GSTIN for upload.


exporting gstr-4 options

In the exporting screen, Select  format JSON (Data Interchange) ,

Set Open Exported File to Yes .

  1.  Press Enter to export.

The json file will have exported in the export location specified.

How to Upload the JSON file generated from Tally.ERP 9

File GSTR-4 returns to gst portal

  • Log in to the GST portal.
  • Click Services > Returns > Returns Dashboard .
  • Select the financial year & Return Filing Period , Here april to june ,click on  SEARCH .
  • Click GSTR4  prepare offline.

Prepare offline

  • Click Choose File to import

choose file browser

  • Select the json file exported to your system, the portal automatically upload the file and a display a success message.

json upload successful

  • Click on back to file returns. again select the period and click on search.
  • Just click on prepare online. in the screen answer the questions to show relevant sections only.

answer the questions

  • Click Next
  • Click proceed to file

click on tax liability

Now click create challan

create challan

Now click e-payment & generate challan.


Now click on net banking, select bank  & Make payment

net banking

  • In the next screen click declaration, select the name of authorized and click file GSTR-4
  • Click file with EVC, or File with DSC.
  • If you selected  evc Enter the OTP Sent to your mobile or email and validate, The gstr-4 will have successfully filed.
  • If you selected DSC connect your DSC, and  e-sign the return.

GSTR-4 Filing using offline tool from GST portal

GST portal is providing you an offline tool for download, Normally you should input data manually to the offline excel utility and generate json, then upload to the portal. Here tally erp 9 simplifies this procedure by placing this offline tool inside the tally installation folder.  Here is the procedure to follow.

How to Download the offline tool  for GSTR-4 ?

  1. Go to the GST portal .
  2. Go to Download menu , Then Offline Tools

You will find a downloadable link GSTR-4 Offline tool. click on it.

gstr-4 offline tool

You will get a compressed file namely GSTR_4_Offline_Utility, Unzip the downloaded file. The name of excel file is GSTR_4_Offline_Utility_v3.0.xls

Now copy this file to the tally installation folder. If you don’t know, right click on tally icon and click on properties then open file location, paste the utility in the opened folder. Every time when you are exporting a fresh copy of the offline utility shall be used. 

How to export GSTR-4 return from tally to the offline tool ?

To export the GSTR-4 details to this utlity, go the the following menu of tally erp 9

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > GST > GSTR-4 

Select the period by pressing F2 For which you want the return to be exported.

Press Ctrl+E  to export the details to the offline tool.

Export gstr-4 from tally to offline tool

The language should be Default ( All languages), Format should be Excel ( Spread sheet) If you need to change the export location. To open the offline tool immediately after exporting choose Open exported file :Yes.

Press Enter to export the data.

The offline tool with exported data will be opened in front of you.

Exported offline tool for gstr-4

Click on validate sheet, the utility will check whether all the cells are valid. any errors,mismatch will notify you.

Now Go to the  Home tab

  •  Click on Get Summary  button.
  • Click Generate JSON File to upload .
  • On successful validation, the message appears.

The data in the sheets are successfully captured in the json file.Please save this file and upload in the online portal to initiate filing.successful validation

  • Save the json  file .
  • Upload this JSON file on the GST portal. and follow the above procedure.

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Tally always make changes according to the law of the country and for making software better. Since the launching of software, Tally has made so many core software changes and released many versions. Recently India has introduced  GST,Since then tally is contentiously making changes to it’s software in order to make comply the software with the latest  gst rules. This is the reason why tally has outgrown in the accounting software industry.

How to upgrade to the latest version?

In the product information panel of tally erp, you will find a section called version & updates

Version & updates in info panel

In the panel you will see existing installed version & latest version available to download. click on the panel or use shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+T

You will get product and features screen.

product feature screenHere you can configure to get more available versions & installed tdl details by pressing F12 Configure.

configuration screen

If you configured like above, the product and features will display all available versions as shown below.

You can choose the latest one or previous one. Let’s choose the latest, click on the latest version.

Now press F6 Button or click on update button, tally will ask a confirmation to update and restart.

update yes or no

Click on Yes, Tally will start downloading required files from server and update automatically, then quit and restart automatically. Now you will see the version details as latest.

version details latest

Now you are up to date with latest version of tally.

Error while updating tally erp 9

You may be getting an like ‘Could not apply updates as one or more files is missing please update using installer ‘

errors updating

In such case you can make a retry to install updates, still not working you should update via tally erp 9 installer.

Updating tally erp 9 with installer

You can update tally using standalone installer  here is the step to upgrade.

  • Download tally installer from tally solution
  • double click the setup icon.
  • In the installation wizard click on upgrade.
  • Finally click done. The latest version will have installed on your computer.

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Tally erp 9 activation is a simple process but required an internet connection and an administrator right in you PC. Buy a valid license from tally website  or from tally authorized partners. The current price of Tally erp 9 single user ( Silver) is 18000 INR and Multi-user ( Gold) is 54000 INR excluding GST.

Tally erp 9 serial number activation key free

If you want to try gst ready tally for free , a seven days free licence is available here.  The tally activation

Download Tally erp 9

After buying a license ,You can download the software from tally website

Install tally erp 9

A detailed instruction of how to install tally is here.

How to activate Tally erp 9?

After purchasing, you will get a valid serial number and activation key in your mail.activation key and license in mail

Open tally software  the startup screen will look like.

tally startup screen

Click on Activate your license or use shortcut key Alt+A for activation of Your license. Tally want  you to start with administrator power. The software automatically restart with administrator right.  if not you should login windows as a user with administrator power.

If you have the administrator power the following prompt will appear, upon clicking Yes,Tally will automatically restart with administrator right.

Administrator user prompt

If you are an non administrator user, tally will show following message.

standard window user message for administrator right

In this case, Enter the user name and password of windows that have administrator right to start tally with administrator power.

tally erp 9 activation form

Enter the serial number and activation key received in your email, Enter and email for administration. You have to confirm the email by entering twice.

activating your license first sstep

Hit Enter key, the activation success message will display as follows.
License activation success message
The system will sent you an unlock key in the email address specified. Hit enter key you will get unlock license screen.

Unlock license screen

Open your administrator email ,you will find a message like this.

unlock key mail

Enter unlock key in the form and hit enter. That’s it, Now tally erp 9 is activated in your system.You will see serial number, Account id & validity in the info panel of tally .

license active massage

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In this chapter we will learn how to activate e-way bill in tally erp 9 and how to generate e-way bill using tally erp 9.These are the transport document for the movement of goods both inter state and intra state. Some states are make it mandatory for both interstate and intra-state movement of goods. eway bills are generated when there is a goods movement of more than 50000 in single bill or delivery challan. For this reason e-way bills are available only for those invoices which are having stock items. That is accounting invoices and companies maintaining accounts only will not have the option to generate eway bill. In POS invoice , e-way bill option is not available generally customers are carrying the goods. But if the seller agreed to deliver the goods, you can enter the details through e-way bill report.

How to activate GST e-way bill in tally ?

To setup  GST e-way bill go to

  • F11 Features >F3

In the statutory and taxation settings screen activate the following by typing yes.

  • Enable Goods and Service tax ( GST)  :Yes
  • Set/alter GST details: Yes

Immediately after enabling this ,GST details screen appear as shown below.

e-way bill activation

You will find following eway bill options 

  • e-way bill applicable : Yes
  • Applicable from : Enter the date from which e-way bill applicable to you.
  • Threshold limit Includes

Threshold limit for e-way bill includes

There are three options for threshold limit

  1. Invoice value
  2. Taxable and exempt goods value
  3. Taxable goods value

Select whichever is applicable to your business

  • Applicable for intrastate : Yes ,If e-way bills are applicable for transactions within state.
  • Threshold Limit : 50000 threshold limit for intrastate transactions applicable in your registered state.

Hit enter and accept the screen. Now the e-way bill settings are saved and activated.

How to generate e-way bill using tally erp 9 ?

In tally erp 9, To generate e-way bill you need to activate e-way bill as described above. Nothing more  is needed. When a gst sales voucher or purchase invoice is being entered; tally will ask you to Provide GST/e-way Bill details immediately after entering the rate of the item. e-way bill option appear only if you are entering a stock item in the invoices, that is eway bill option is not available for service invoices.

Sales voucher with e-way bill option enabled

If you want eway bill generated for this transaction, Select Yes for the option ‘Provide GST/e-way Bill details’  and Hit enter Key.The e-way bill details screen will appear as follows.

e-way bill entry details screen

Now let’s have a look at the other options provided in the screen. You will find three buttons on the right hand side of the screen. Here is the compact view of those buttons

other buttons available in e-way bill screens

If anything found missing in the above screen, Press F12 configure and activate those options.

Transport details : If goods are transported through more than one modes, For example, exporting goods are transported through road initially then through ship , In such cases you can input those details by clicking on the Transport details button provided on the right hand side of screen in tally erp 9. The shortcut key is Ctrl+T

e-way bill details:You can found another button called e-Way Bill Details here, This button is used to enter details of multiple e-way bills for a single transaction. The short cut key is Alt+W.

How to generate json file for e-way-bill portal?

Here enter all the details as shown  in the above image and hit enter key to save  eway bill details screen. Now save the sales voucher. If anything mandatory is missed out tally will send you a warning message while saving the voucher.

Tally will display you exporting details for e-way bill screen. Any thing need to be changed press back space for modification.

export details for e-way bill
Export details of json file for e-way bill

Click on Yes or Press Y for exporting  json file to the specified folder.

If ‘Open Exported Folder‘ option is activated in the above screen. A folder will open in front of you with the json file.

exported json file in folder

And at same time you will find another screen opened in tally erp 9 as shown below. Keep this as it is in tally.

Update e-way bill information after generating e-way bill

How to upload json file to e-way bill portal

To upload json file generated through tally erp 9, You just need to follow the few simple steps below.

Go to GST e-way bill site

Login to The site

Click on E-way bill

e way bill site menu

click   Generate Bulk

Browse json file

Browse json file from your computer and select the newly generated json by tally erp 9. Click upload. The e-way bill details are populated in the screen.


Now click on Generate button.

Generated e-way bill number

The e-way bills will have generated ,See the image above.Now note the ewb number and click on Home button of the eway bill portal

Now you will be in the home screen, click on menu  e-way bill >> Print ewb

Print ewb menu

Print ewb number

Click on Go button, The e-way bill will be generated as shown below.

e-way bill

Click on Detailed Print to view all details of ewb. Click print to take the printout of e-way bill.

Now update the e-way bill number in tally erp 9


Save the screen.

How to view e-way bill details report?

You can view the e-way bill details in e-way bill report of tally erp 9. To view this report go to.

Display>Statutory Reports>GST>e-way bill>e-way bill report

e-way bill report

Hope this tutorial helps you. please do share with your friends in social medias.

How to create consolidated e-way bill using tally

The e-way bill rule allows you to carry a consolidated eway bill number for supplies that are separate eway bill numbers but are dispatched from the same place using  the same mode in the same point of time. Thus you can avoid carrying separate eway bill for each invoice  in the shipment.

Tally erp 9 , help you to identify invoices that can be consolidated in a single click.

Display>Statutory Reports>GST>e-way bill>Eway Bill Report
e-way bill report

Click on consolidated view button

Tally will display a consolidated view based on the gst rules. as shown below, in this view you can see each consolidated section shows one mode f transportation, same vehicle number etc.

consolidated view

click on selected consolidation and press space bar to select the invoices as shown in the below figure.

export consolidation

Click export consolidated button

json file exporting

The consolidated eway bill json will have exported in the specified location.

json exported in the folder

How to upload and generate consolidated eway bill in ewb portal

  1. Now login to the eway bill portal 
  2. Consolidated e-way bill>  Generate bulk.
  3. Upload the consolidated json file
  4. Click upload. the consolidated e-way bill is generated

To update the bill information in tally

Again go to eway bill report and click update consolidation info

Enter the consolidated bill number and date and save.

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