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A Format of Journal tells, how journal entries are recorded in the journal books. The arrangement of each entry in a page of a book is termed as Journal format.Journal entry is the first step taken after a business transaction is taken place. First we analyse the transaction and find out which accounts are affected with the transaction, then decided the accounts are to be debited and credited. Then record the journal entry in a specific format called journal.

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Here is a format of Journal,  There are several form of Journals.The following form however,is in common use.

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Format of Journal

  1. The first column is for entering Date.
  2. Particulars column is for entering the account to be debited and credited.
  3. Ledger folio is for the Ledger page in which the entry is posted ( This is only important in case of manual accounting)
  4. Debit Amount is to enter debit amount
  5. Credit Amount is to enter credit amount.

Journal Format with Journal Entry

Here is a typical Journal format with journal entry.

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General Journal

Download Journal Format in Excel

You can download a journal format in excel if required from the link given below.


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