Auto backup and restore in tally ERP9

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To ensure better data security, tally erp9 provides an additional backup facility called auto backup. By enabling this feature company data will become triple secure.

The main advantages of auto backup in tally is that whenever you enter something in tally (voucher entry, master creation etc), the auto backup utility work from behind and update the backup with the recently added entry. This will happen immediately after saving the vouchers, masters etc.

The name of the auto backup file is ABK900 and this auto backup file will be saved inside the individual company data folder For example C:\Tally.ERP9\Data\10000.

We can also set an additional location to save auto backup file using Data configuration under F12 configuration settings.

How to enable Auto backup in tally?

Auto backup can be enabled from company creation screen or company alteration screen, if you are enabling auto backup for an existing company. Load the company that needs to be backed up automatically.

Go to

Gateway of tally>> Company info >>Alter

To go to company info menu click on Cmp info button or use shortcut key Alt+F3 from gateway of tally

Now we are in company alteration screen. Locate Enable Auto backup, Make this to yes and save the screen

company alteration

That’s all, auto backup is enabled; the backup utility will start working from background and create backup whenever you put entry in tally.

Where auto backup file stored?

We can distinguish tally normal backup file and auto backup file from its file name. Normally backup file name will be something like TBK900.001 .Whereas auto backup file name will be in the name ABK900.This auto backup file will save inside the company data folder.

For example: C:\Tally.ERP9\Data\10002

Inside tally data folder you can see folders starting with 10000; these are the system generated folder for  each company, here in our case 10002 is the data folder of company Suraj Travels, go inside the folder , you can find the auto backup file  namely ABK900


Can we save auto backup in another location? (auto backup storage for multiple companies?

The answer is Yes, You can save auto backup outside the company data folder. Or you can store auto backup in a removable media like pen drive, you need to define the data path of removable media inside the data configuration settings.

To do this

Create a backup folder somewhere in your computer hard drive or inside your pen drive

For example: D:\Autobackup

Now From the gateway of tally Press F12 to access configuration setting, then go to Data configuration

Gateway of Tally>>Configuration>>Data configuration

Inside Data configuration setting, Type the path of backup folder you have created to take backup file, see the image for more clarity.


Press enter key and save the screen. Tally will ask “Do you want to restart Tally ERP9 for the changes to have effect” Press yes and restart the software. Now go to D:\Autobackup,You will find backup file in the name of TABK.900. If you have multiple companies enabled for auto backup. The backup of all companies will be stored in this single TABK.900 inside D:\Autobackup

How to restore auto backup in tally?

To restore, auto backup Use shortcut key Alt+Ctrl+K   from the gateway of tally, you will get the following screen


The source will be the data folder of companies which will be populated automatically, change if the data directory is in different location, Press enter to see the list of companies that are automatically backed up.


Select the required company to be restored and press enter key

Now you will get a list of auto backup versions that the utility created at different date and time, from this list you can easily identify the latest data backup with its time and date listed. Tally creates separate backup versions for every day you entered data in it.


Select the latest backup and press enter key

If the company already exists, Tally will ask to overwrite with existing company data.


Press Y or hit Enter to accept over write request. Now we have successfully restored latest auto data backup.

How to restore auto backup saved in user defined location?

We have saved the auto backup in another location by using Data configuration settings as discussed earlier.  In   D:\Autobackup

Let’s see using this data backup how a company is restored, to do this .This is like normal backup process in tally

Go to Company info Menu, by pressing Alt+F3 from gateway of tally. Then go to Restore menu

Company info>Restore

In the destination, type where we want the data to be restored, this will be the company default data storage location (C:\TallyERP9\Data)

Source: Source must be the location where we saved the auto backup file  outside the data folder using Data configuration settings here D:\Autobackup

Press enter key, Tally will automatically detect the auto backup file and go to auto backup restoration area on the right side of the screen.

From here select the company you want to restore, again press enter to see the auto backup versions


And save the screen, here also you will be asked for over writing the information. Press yes or Enter key ,the latest version will be restored.

Thus in fact introducing auto backup, tally gives us triple protection of data, one is manual backup l, Second is auto backup inside the data folder, again auto backup for multiple companies in user defined location. For any questions doubts use our comment section

Here is the video tutorial on auto backup I have created


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    I’m new to Tally but I’ve an enthusiasm to learn the Tally, till now I’ve learned Company creation in Tally, please help me to get through the journey of Tally.

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    P Suresh kumar,


    Dear sir, i was learned tally but now i forgot it… no mention once i repeated it so no problem ,, but one thing that how can i set up a company’s account in tally…so first to what..ledger and so onnn…. please waiting for your reply and also it can be use in saudi arabian companies..

  • hishan

    i have enabled autoback up.i have talla data base approx 1GB ,now i have a tally data file grown up to 17GB is this normal as i cheked i have very Big “.ABK” files

    Is this Normal??
    how can i do a clean up to reduce file size in .ABK files?
    can i delete them?

  • Mohammad Rafeek

    Dear Sir,

    I cant find auto backup enabling option in company alteration screen or in configuration too. why sir? plzz help

    • It’s not your fault, In Tally erp 9 latest version, The company have withdrawn the auto backup option in order to fix some bugs and erros. It is said that the option will be restored after fixing errors in coming versions


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