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Now it’s time for us to keep data back up of companies you are working with tally ERP 9. Keeping data in computer are not safe, always there is a possibility of being harmed by system crash, unauthorized usages etc. It is highly recommend taking a backup of tally data in frequent interval. It is the responsibility of the tally operator to keep your data safe. A data backup in regular interval makes your life easier.

Here is the video tutorial Of How to do Back Up In tally erp 9

Actually What is a  Back up in tally ?

A data back up is a copy of all transactions and data’s you had entered in tally software; By using which tally erp 9 creates reports & Masters. A normal user cannot just copy paste the data from the software database. For that you should know the database file of tally erp 9 and it’s location. And touching on the internal part of an accounting software is not safe always. Hence tally developers has made a backup method and restore method within the tally software. This Backup tool will create all data’s into a single file, and another restoring tool will reimburse the data’s in to the same place called Restore.

How Often Should You Make Backups?

The frequency of backup depends upon the volume of transactions you are handling with. If you are working for a company dealing thousands of transactions, then make a habit of data back up in one or two hours. At least keep a daily backup even if you are working for small business. Regular back up can save time and effort, when your data corrupted or lost.

Medium of data backup

Let’s divide this into two called an online backup and Local Backup

Local Backups:

 The safest and easiest way of keeping data backup is a Removable disk or pen drive, or a second computer or laptop or an external hard drive. it is recommended to have more than one device, and take backup in all the devices in alternative days or alternative hours in large organisation. This will help us to get most recent backups.Compact disk is also good medium of keeping backups, but taking backup in CD will be more time consuming and costly due to the process of writing CD rom. 

Online Backups:

Another safest way is that, compress data with compressing software like winzip, winrar and send it to your email, preferably in Gmail. But this is bit difficult if your data size is big. Gmail does not support sending data more than 25 MB. Cloud storage account like  dropbox and Google drive is great for storage as it it can be accessed from anywhere and it gives you more storage spaces.

Local back up is the best one among the above two as it is always physically accessible and have complete control over the devices. But you need to spend little money for it.

How to do data backup a quick guide ?

Following are six easy steps to get the data backed up  for quick readers.

  1. Go to company info Menu ( Use Alt + F3 from gateway of Tally )
  2. Select Backup menu, The backup processing screen will appear.
  3. Select the source of data, normally this will be selected automatically no need to change.
  4. Change the destination if required ,This needs to be changed in most cases if you want data backup in a removable disk.
  5. Select the companies from the list ,choose End of list.
  6. Accept and save the screen, the data will be backed up in destination folder you have mentioned.

How to take backup of companies in tally?

Here is a detailed explanation of taking data backup.

To take back up from tally,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Company info

Company info button at gateway of tally

Click on company info button or Use shortcut key Alt+F3

Back up menu in company info

Now go to menu Backup  or (use hot key B)

A backup screen will appear with backup options at left and list of companies on the right.

Back up screen on tally

Fill the form as below,

Source:Source will be the current data location of tally software, (by default C:\Users\Public\Tally.ERP9\Data) This will selected automatically by tally.If Your current data is in different location type the location there. (For example E:\tally\Data)For more information about tally data location, click here.

Special Note:

  •   If your company uses Tally.Server 9 to maintain data, backup has to be taken from the server data location. Click S: Server Data Loc in the Backup Companies on Disk screen, and select the server location as Source.
  •  If the administrator has enabled Security Control, provide authorized Tally.NET credentials to access the List of Tally.Server Data Locations.

Destination: This is the location or medium you want the backup file to be stored by tally. If you are using a pen drive to keep back up, identify the drive name and folder name. For example in pen drive there is folder called bkp where we take backup regularly, to identify the location, connect the pen drive to the computer, go to my computer, locate pen drive and open the folder bkp. In the opened window look at the address bar, you can see the destination address like in below image.

back up data path

  • After filling source and destination, Press enter, now select company from the list of companies, multiple companies can be selected for backup.  Also there is an option of selecting All item in the list to take backup of All companies in the same directory (This option is available from Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 1.8)

Select all item backup


In this example we have four companies individually from the list. The final screen will look like this.

Selected companies for backup

If one or more companies in the list have tally vaulted password,Tally will ask tally vault password for each company in the order you have selected company in the backup list.

Press enter to accept the screen , tally will start and end backup instantly, a backup file can be found in your pen drive as shown below.

Tally backup files in the destination folder


See the above image, this is the backup file of tally, you can copy this file like any other windows file, Now Tally ERP 9 deliver backup files in Compressed Winrar format ,so that the file is created in a reduced size. You can upload this files to your gmail. Google drive etc. Or copy paste in a second computer or laptop through a network.

By looking at the name you can identify the company ,just after the underscore you will find the company number. TBK900_10003.

Data Back up illustration With GIF Animation

Here is a simple graphical representation of  data backup of companies in tally erp 9

Movie how to take backup in tally erp 9

Unconventional copy paste method of data backup

There is another method of data back up from tally, but this is not a recommended, people with no clear idea of handling WINDOWS Folders & operations like copy paste,Delete  may damage the data. However I am explaining this; just to make you understand that this is also a method of data backup.

Just go to data folder of tally and copy the entire folder and keep somewhere like pen drive, hard drive , external hard disk etc.

If you don’t know where tally data stored

Go to Gateway of Tally >F12 Configuration > Data Configuration

You will get a Data configuration screen as below.


Inside the data configuration, the first option is Location of data files , by default it is something like C:\Users\Public\Tally.ERP9\Data  . 

Or From The Gateway of tally>F1 Select Company

Data Path of companies

You will find the data path,In which tally data located. Note down the number of the company you want to take the backup.

Now Open this folder using windows explorer,

Tally data foler

Copy the required company data, and paste in another location. When restoring just replace the copies folder into the same folder. This method is that simple.But make sure that you are not deleting are damaging your existing files.

Caution :  Please do not  use cut & paste option.

Frequently asked Tally erp 9 backup questions?

Here are some important questions asked by users related to backup and it’s   answer for your reference.

  • What is tally back up ?

Ans: Taking back up of tally erp 9 is the process of copying all existing data’s or transactions and records  into a safer location other than tally erp 9 data base .This will protect your daily work against system crash, unexpected situations which leads the company data unusable.

  • Can I Back up selected entries or masters in tally erp 9 ?

Ans: No you cannot use back up feature for selected transactions and masters, Back up work for a single company or a group of companies.

  • Can You explain Why tally display Unable to back up message ?


  1. The destination path you may have types wrongly, check back the path is accurately typed.
  2. In a shared ( network) environment the administrator may have set permission to folders to every users. In such case the user may not have the permission to read and write to folders. Ask administrators to set permission of read and write  to the destination folder .
  3. This may happens when a backup file is already exists in the destination folder.You should move those to another location and try again.
  4. If the company data is damaged this may happens. You have to copy the data into a different location and Try re-writing the data. Use Alt+Ctrl+R from the gateway of tally and select the company data which was damaged.
  • Tally display Cannot Back up ?

Ans:This error message displays when the size of company.900 file is increased heavily. This file is available at company specific  folder for eg : 10001 . Inside Data folder. We have a detailed post about how to fix cannot backup error here.

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    What are the nature of entries which included in tally

    Receipts Entry- Nature of receipt entry (Items included in receipts entry)
    Payment entry- Nature of Payment entry (items included in payment entry)
    Contra Entry- Nature of Contra Entry (items included on contra entry)
    Journal Entry- Nature of Journal Entry (Items included in Journal Entry)

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    How to back up the tally data ‘s of past entries so already back up the some data’s input the entries Re backup for tally i want to procedure for re backup in tally.

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