How to edit/alter a company in tally?

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In this session we will learn how to edit company. You may want to change the address ,Phone number,or any other information .In such cases Tally ERP 9 allow users to alter company data in simple steps.

How to edit a company?

To modify   you need to access Company info Menu this can be accessed either of the following ways.

From The Gateway of Tally

click on F3: Company Info on right button bar .

right button bar

or Use Keyword Alt + F3 (Press Alt and hold then Press F3)

You will see a company info Menu
Company Info menu
Now select Alter or Press Hot key A
Select the Company from the List you want to make changes.
List of companies
The alteration screen will displayed in front of you.
Company alteration screen
Use Enter Key to move forward through screens and back space to move backward through screen.And  make changes in the desired fields.For Example You want to edit the address as you have shifted the factory to a new building.
Modify required data of the ompany
Move through screen and locate the address field, alter the company address as shown in the figure below.
Editing company
Continue to press enter to save the screen.When you see Accept? at the bottom of the screen
Accept the editing
press Y on the key board or press Enter Key or use Ctrl + A to accept sand save the changes made.  You can view our video tutorials here.



  • aa

    This does not work on Tally erp 9

  • Rajveer Singh Rajput

    Alter option is not available for some companies. Why?

    • Brown

      I have the same problem. Can’t find the alter option.

      The only options available are as follows…..
      *Select company
      *Connect company
      *Shut company
      *Create company

      Pls help if there’s any… Thanks.

  • Divya

    How can I activate alter option in my erp9 it is inactivate now, please help me


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