How to configure company?

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The configuration is used for altering some setting in tally software, like date format, company name on report, symbols, numbers to be used and many more, There are several configuration setting in tally, we are not discussing all configuration settings in this lesson, we will learn it gradually when situation comes

Once you have configured, it will affect all the companies in tally software that means configuration is not company specific settings but program specific. The setting will be stored in file ‘tallycfg.tsf’ in program folder

How to configure company?

To configure the company that we have created earlier ( ABC LTD), Press F12 Button on the button panel or F12 function key from the keyboard, you get the following screen.

configuration screen

You will get the following options to configure the software

  • General
  • Numeric Symbols
  • Accts / Inventory Info.
  • Voucher Entry
  • Invoice / Orders Entry
  • Payroll Configuration
  • Printing
  • E-Mailing
  • Data Configuration
  • TDL Configuration
  • Advanced Configuration
  • Licensing

Each and every option will be discussed when situation comes in coming lessons


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