How to delete a company in tally

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Deleting a company is the thing that you should take more care about. Once deleted company cannot be recovered if you do not have back-up of data.Delete a company is similar to delete a voucher or ledger and as easy  to do.There are two methods are explained in this tutorial.You can follow any one of them.But make sue that you will always have a data backup before doing any such actions.

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You can follow these methods for all versions of Tally,even if you are using older version like tally 9, tally 8 etc.

Tally has kept this option hidden as the user never unknowingly delete a company data. But still given an option in the company alteration screen using shortcut Key ALT+D

Delete a company Step by step in brief.

  1. Load the company you want to delete.
  2. From the gateway of Tally Press Alt + F3 Shortcut key of click on Alt+F3 cmp info.
  3. In the company info menu select Alter menu, now you are in company alteration screen.
  4. Now press Alt+D Shortcut Key
  5. First confirmation message ‘Delete’ will be asked by Tally
  6. Click on Yes or Press enter or press Y from your Key board.
  7. Second confirmation message will be asked ‘Are you sure’.
  8. Repeat the previous action Click on Yes
  9. The company will have deleted.
  10. You are done!!

Company Deletion Step by step with Images

A company can be removed using the data folder of the company. To do this you should know where tally data is stored. and sure about the data folder of the company you are about to delete. However this method never recommended by the maker of Tally. But a simple solution to remove a company.

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Delete a company using Tally ERP 9 interface with explanation.

This method is recommended officially by Tally solutions.While using this Tally double check that you really want this deletion. Lets have done this.

  • First thing you should do is Load or open the company you wish to remove from Tally. Here we want to delete a company ABC Ltd.
  • Go to Gateway of Tally
  • Now press Company Info Button on the right side or use short cut key ‘Alt+F3’

Gateway of Tally ERP 9

Now you are in company info Menu screen

Company Info Menu

Select Alter or use Hot Key A.Press enter.

Select company from the list

Select company you want to delete from the list. The alteration screen will be in front of you.

Company Alteration Screen


press Alt + D Short cut key , Tally confirms by showing a message box “Delete”

delete message

Press Enter or use key Y from key board. You can press N Button or Esc key if you don’t want to delete.

One more message,to double check that you really mean deletion “Are you sure?”.

are you sure message

Press Enter or use key Y from key board.

The selected company will have deleted. Remember you will never able to restore deleted data from company unless you are using some advance technology like data recovery with highly skilled professionals.

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Delete a company from Tally Data folder

This method of company deletion is very simple. Utmost care should be taken while deleting a company using this method. There are chances of being a deleting a company needed by you. If you are not sure about identifying the number of data folder of the company. However for experts who knows everything about tally data storage can handle this easily.

The first step is finding the folder number . Let’s see how a number can be find out.

Go to Gateway of tally

Press F1 to select company. A list of created company will display.

select company screen

Just after the name you can see a number inside bracket ( 10000) (10001) etc. This is the number of company data folder

Here we are going to delete XYZ LTD, The Number is 10001, Note the number

Step 2

Go to company data folder, if you don’t know where the data is located.

Right click of the tally software icon, from the context menu click properties

tally properties

From the properties window click Find Target ( Windows xp) or “Open file location” ( windows vista, Windows 7)

properties window

The program folder will open in front of you.


Inside the Program folder there is folder namely “Data” Open the folder

inside tally data folder

Now delete the Folder 10001 Which is the data folder of XYZ LTD

Note: If you have changed the default data location, the data folder will not be inside the program folder. In such case you can find the data folder by opening Tally.ini file located inside the program folder.

Watch it in You tube.

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