How to enable and disable automatic loading of Companies at startup?

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We have completed new company creation, alter existing company, and tally data management in our previous lessons. Tally load companies automatically when we open the software. Let’s learn enabling and disabling loading of companies at start up.

Automatic loading of company at the time of opening software

By default, Tally software loads the first company you have created. Each company will be given a unique system generated code starting from 10000, so the first company’s code will be 10000 and tally sets the company with the code number 10000 loads automatically. Every time when you start tally program, this company will load without any question.
How to change the default setting of company auto loading

Sometimes you may not want to load the first company.You may want to load  second or third company . In such a situation, you can change it and its sequence of loading.

Manage Automatic loading in tally ERP9

Access the following screen

Gate way of tally »Press F12 »Data Configuration

Data configuration screen will be displayed
Select Location of Data files, Default location is C:\Tally.ERP9\Data, if you have stored data in another location will be displayed here.

Enabling and disabling of companies at startup

Move on to the next field ‘Load companies on startup’ type ‘Yes’ if you want to load the company automatically or Type  ‘No’ If you don’t want to load at the time of startup.
If you have chosen YES, follow the below steps to manage preloading.
Press enter to reach ‘Preload Companies on startup’ the default company’s number already will be there i.e., 10000

preloading screen

Now press enter to select next company that is required to be loaded at the time loading, by this way you can select number of companies.
Another important fact is that the company selected in the first raw will be loaded first and in the second row loaded second. You can set the sequence of loading by this way.

Preloading of companies that are stored in another location

You may have stored data’s in multiple locations other than default location for e.g. D:\Data. In such cases those companies will not be shown in the company’s list .To Select companies that are stored in another location select Specific Company. A new window will be displayed. Enter the complete Path of the data
specific comapny
For example
Suppose there is a company stored in D:\Data\. When you create a company in this location the system will create a folder namely 10000.
So the data location for the particular company is D:\Data\10000\
Type the data path in Specific company window.Press enter.
Now the final screen will be like this
Press enter to accept the screen, tally will ask you to restart the software .allow restart.
Next time when you open software all the selected company will be automatically opened or loaded.
loaded company

Change auto loading of companies in earlier versions of Tally

Now let’s learn another method of enabling auto loading, previously mentioned method will not work with earlier versions of tally like Tally6.3, 7.2, 8.1 and 9
In earlier versions also tally automatically loads company that is created first. Let’s learn how to change companies in auto loading
Let’s do this with Tally 7.2
Go to program folder if you don’t know where it is located
Right click on the tally icon from desktop>> Click on properties>>Click find target
The program folder will have opened in front of you
Open tally.ini file
This will open a notepad and locate the following words
Default Companies = Yes
Load = 0001

If you want to disable auto loading change it as follows

Default Companies = No
Load = 0001

If you want to load the second company first, change it as follows

Default Companies = Yes
Load = 0002

If you want to load more than one company change it as follow

Default Companies = Yes
Load = 0001
Load = 0002
Load = 0003

I think there is no way to open companies that are stored in multiple locations at a time.

Now save the file and close the folder and open tally the companies will have loaded at the time of startup.
The second method also work with Tally ERP9
I think I have covered almost all elements of Auto loading. If anything missed out please point out through our comment section I will update it here.
I have created a video on preloading of companies watch it


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