Opening (loading) and closing (shutting) of companies in tally

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Loading of a company is the next step after creating a new company. Tally software sets the first company loaded automatically. We have provided the complete information of automatic loading of companies in tallyhere.

Select or open an existing company?

To open a company it must exist in the tally data folder. Normally, when you open tally software, it opens a company and directly goes to Gateway of Tally.

gate way of tally
To select another company Click on the button F1: Select Cmp on the right top of the screen
F1 button intallyOr
Press F1 Function key from your keyboard
The company selection screen will be appeared in front
Use up and down arrow screen from your keyboard to select desired company to load
Press enter key on the company highlighted; the selected company will have loaded.

Load company when auto loading is disabled

If you have disabled auto loading of the company, when opening tally software, the Company info menu appears first.
company info menu

Select company menu is highlighted by default

You can access the company selection screen by adopting any of the three ways
  1.        Press Enter when Select Company Menu is highlighted
  2.        Press ‘S’ from the keyboard( Hot Key function , will be discussed later)
  3.        Press F1 ( Function key)  From the key board

company selection screen

Now select the company and press enter.

You can open numerous companies at a time.

Closing or shutting of a company in tally.

To close a company, make sure that you are in the gate way of the company, If not press Esc to come back
Press F1: Shut Cmp  button  on the right button panel
F1 button
 Press Alt+F1 (Press Alt and F1 at a time)
Shut company screen will be displayed
shut company
Select the company using Up and down arrow key from keyboard. Press enter; the company will be disappeared from the list
 You can close the company in the following way also.
Press F3: Cmp info button on the right panel
company info buttonOr Use Alt +F3 (press Alt and F3 at a time) from key board to have company info screen
shut company
Select shut company and hit enter the Shut Company screen displayed
shut company
Highlight the company that is to be closed hit enter. The Company will have closed, do the action again if you want to close another company.
We have created a video tutorial on how to select and close companies,to stay updated with our channel subscribe here

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