How to search in Tally ERP 9 for anything?

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When using Tally ERP 9 in companies dealing with large number of transactions, Tally Search features is a handy tool to find out a particular amount, amount between a minimum and maximum or a particular word in narration. We can do this using Range filter of Tally ERP9. I will explain this with some examples.

Search a Particular Amount in Tally erp 9

Search all vouchers with value 5000.For some reasons as an accountant of the company you want to know a particular voucher valued 5000.For that you don’t need check entire daybook. We can filter all vouchers with ledger amount 5000.

Go to

Gateway of Tally> Display>Daybook

Select the period in which you want to search the amount by pressing F2: Date


In the daybook click on F12:Range Button at the right bottom of the screen. or click Alt+F12 shortcut to access range filter screen.

Range of Information screen

Vouchers having ledger amount


Equal to

Filter option equal to

In the Next column enter the amount your want to search for. in our example we are searching for voucher with amount equal to 5000.

Rnage information end

Press enter again.Tally will start searching the amount and display all vouchers equal to 5000.00

Filtered daybook with searched amount

Conditional search and & or

In the last column you can see condition and & or, what does this mean?

Voucher condition

Conditional Search ‘And’.

For example : Suppose you want voucher with amount 5000 and contain a word “bill” in the narration.If all these two conditions met for a voucher then only display result.

  • Do not display voucher having value 5000 only
  • Do not display voucher having word “bill” in the narration
  • Display result only if both the condition of 5000 as amount and bill in narration

Conditional search

Press enter you will have result fulfilling both the criteria

Daybook with conditional search and

Just check whether the search result is meeting your request.

Conditional and search result

Conditional Search Or

Now let’s find out how ‘or’ search functions.Let’s take the same example,we need

  • All the voucher with value 5000
  • And all the vouchers with “bill” in narration.

Tally will display all vouchers with any one of these search criteria.

Conditional search or

This will result, voucher with value 5000 & voucher with bill in narration like this.

or conditional search

How to search a specific word in the narration?

Many are specifically asking how to search narration of tally, this I have already explained above .Here is how?

Narration search

Press enter,you will have all vouchers with that word.

Using Range filter you can define various search criteria like

To find out a party

Vouchers having Party name starting with xx

Vouchers having Party name contains xx

To search all vouchers entered through a voucher type

For example ,to get all vouchers entered through payment voucher

Voucher>Having>Voucher Type>Name>equal to>payment

Using range filter you can create various search parameters.You can search, voucher numbers,ledger name,voucher type and many more,This is really useful feature of Tally ERP 9.


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