How to make Tally ERP 9 Open on system/windows startup

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It will be good if Tally opens along with the computer startup.You can quick start your work as the system opens in a busy working environment.This will help you a little to speed up your work.There is no point in discussing other operation system other than windows as Tally ERP 9 works only in Windows. However some solutions are there for Using Tally ERP in cloud and Linex.

How to set tally open at startup?

To open any program at start up you have to place the program shortcut key to startup folder of windows. Here is the folder path where it is located in my computer.

C:\Users\Ayana\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

To open this folder there is an easy way

  • Click on Start button of windows, Right click on All Program.

All program

  • In the context menu click open.

Context menu at all program on start menu

  • A folder will open,Inside folder there is another one called Program open that
  • Then open Startup folder

Now open Tally Program folder in another window, If you don’t know where Tally software folder located.

  • Right click on Tally Icone
  • Click on properties in the context menu
  • Click on Open File location.Tally software folder will open.

In the folder Right click on Tally.EXE and click on create shortcut.

Create Tally ERP 9 Shortcut

A shortcut will be created.Copy that short cut

Copy short cut

And paste the shortcut to Previously opened windows startup folder

Shortcut in startup folder of windows

Next time when you restart your computer/system/wndows Tally ERP 9 Will start working automatically.

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