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Tally allow users to send ledgers, Pay Slips, Outstanding Statements, Confirmation of Accounts or balance confirmation, Reminder Letters from Tally ERP 9 Software it self. It helps the business Management to access report on the go. Also useful for  sending Statements without any email program.This will save a lot of time for you. You can configure Tally.ERP 9 for sending mails using popular mail services like, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo.Sending email from User defined mail server also possible. example an email of your company domain like ,

Note: Tally.ERP 9 Does not allows you to receive emails using its interface.

How to configure email in Tally.ERP9

Go to

  • Gateway of Tally > F12 Configuration>E-mailing

You will get a screen where emails are configured. In the configuration screen,first option is email server. You have to select the email service from which you are sending email. There are four option in the list.Lets configure all four options for learning purpose. Suppose your email address is’‘ then you have to choose Gmail from the list.or if you are using a company domain email like ‘’ choose user defined.How to send email from Tally.ERP9

E-mail server

  1. User defined
  2. Gmail
  3. Hotmail
  4. Yahoo Mail

Configure User defined email ( email id of your company domain)server in Tally ERP9

Here I am giving an example of my own custom domain email. .Lets see how to configure this custom domain email in Tally.ERP9.The configuration details of this custom email id is as follows.

  • E-mail server: User defined
  • server address :  (Here 25 is the port number that should be suffixed with : symbol)
  • Use SSL: No
  • From : The name you want to display in senders inbox for Example ABC Ltd, or Benny- ABC Ltd.
  • From Email id
  • Username for authentication: In most case the email id it self
  • Password: Password of your email id
  • Format: There are 6 Format available.
    1. ASCII( Comma Delimited):  This is a format of text file  used in the computer and internet.The format used 7 bit binary number. For example in ASCII, Alphabet Capital Letter A represent as ‘01000001 ‘ You can learn more about ASCII here.
    2. Excel( Spread sheet) :  Microsoft Excel file
    3. HTML(Web publishing) : A page like you are reading now.
    4. JPEG(Image): This is an image file.
    5. PDF(Portable Document Format) :A file format for capturing and sending electronic documents in exactly the intended format.
    6. XML( data interchange) : This is format define a set of rules for encoding documents in format both human readable and machine readable. usually Sending email in this format is rare.Select the Format of your choice.
  • Page size: The size of document in which the mail to be sent.Available page size are A3,A4,A5,Legal,Letter and you can define your own size by selecting User defined.
  • Page Orientation: Choose portrait or landscape.
  • Show additional details for e-mail address: If you set”Yes” here,you will be able to use details entered in the ledger master like contact person,ledger name while sending email. 

Here is the final screen shot of user defined email configuration in tally.

The below screen shot is a typical Non-SSL email server Settings

user defined email configuration for Tally ERP9

If you are using Secure SSL/TLS email server, here is a sample settings,You have to ask your email server provider for the configuration details. the server name and port number may varies depends on email servers.

The below screen shot is a typical Secure SSL/TLS email server Settings

SSL mail configuration in tally erp9

Configure gmail mail server in Tally ERP9.

Unlike custom or user defined  server it is easy to configure,Gmail. You just need to select the server name form the list of email server , the server address and name will be automatically filled. Enter your user name and password.

The below screen shot of gmail email server set up

Email configuration for gmail address

In the same manner you can configure Yahoo email and Hotmail emails from the List.

How to email a report from Tally

Lets sent a ledger from Tally.

Go to Gateway of Tally> Dispaly>Account Book>Ledger

Select the desired Ledger for example Customer A, Select the period of report

In the top left of ledger you will find a button called  E-mail click on the button or Use short-cut code Alt+M.Email button in the report of tally erp9

The mailing screen will appear Press back space to move into the screen.The configured email address automatically filled in the screen.You can change this if you want to sent email from another email address using above configuration details. Press enter until you reach field To E-mail address:

Email sending screen of tally erp9

Select New address and enter the To  address to which you are sending email.

enter email address

If you wish to add a CC ( Carbon copy) & BCC ( Blind carbon copy) add it in the next two field in the same way explained above.

Subject: Enter subject of the email for example:  Account Statement from April to May 

Additional Text If any: You can send some messages to the receiver using this field.

Attach File Name:  Change the attachment file name if required.

Press enter  you can control the information being sent to the party by enabling disabling options marked in the red below.

Mail sending screen

Press Enter and send mail, Tally Will display any further messages only if there is any error for sending mail like authentication failure.

Screen shots of email sent through Tally ERP9

Screen shots of email sent through Tally ERP9

Email content sent through tally erp9

If you are facing any problem sending email though Tally.ERP9. Let me know through our comment section.I will try to help you as soon as possible.


  • Lucy

    Can we set up automatic email triggers in Tally ERP 9 gold. For eg i want to send automatic accounts reconciliation statements to sundry debtors ont he 1st of every month. I dont want to go on each and every individual ledger but would like the system to send an automated email at a specified time period periodically.



  • akbar

    I setup in my tally erp 9 for the use email and I fill up all field but not response to send email in error is Mail server connection failure! how to set this….

  • Aprajita

    Can we remove this “created through Tally ERP 9”

  • Archit

    I am using the gmail method but every time I am trying to send an email I get an authentication failed message.


      Archit – simply go to your gmail account settings and got to “sign in & security ” scroll down and see there “allow less secure apps ” just turn on and try to send the mail in tally. ” 100% sucess”. enjoy mailing through tally.

  • pritesh kothari

    i am not able to send email our sales voucher from tally erp9
    please guide me how send

  • Sunil Kumar

    Hai ,
    I am using Tally.ERP9 i could no send the mail to the parties pl. help me in this regard

  • Nilanjana

    What is the authentication problem ?? I don’t understand.

  • Mitesh

    Always “Authentication failed”


    There is no sign in and securities in my gmail account setting . Can I help me finding out

  • mukesh

    i have an error at the ending stage of sending mail
    there is a drop down of not applicable

  • rupal shah

    I am using the gmail method but every time I am trying to send an email I get an authentication failed message.

  • Umesh

    Have to configure mail in Tally Erp 9 every time I login. Can we save the mail configuration in Tally?

  • manish

    same Always “Authentication failed”

  • Amit Khandelwal

    getting error mail server connection failed

  • Rias

    Bad From Address Error is showing..pls help

  • rajib

    YOGENDRA KUMAR is right, simply go to your gmail account settings and got to “sign in & security ” scroll down and see there “allow less secure apps ” just turn on and try to send the mail in tally. ” 100% sucess”. enjoy mailing through tally.


    getting below error

    Authentication fail


    I am using the gmail method but every time I am trying to send an email I get an authentication failed message.

  • susheel

    mails are going through user defined email but not saving on sent items in server . what should be done for that kindly help

  • hi, i done all , what u mentioned above. but finally i got msg like bad from address

  • sandhiya

    very good and simple way explained

  • Gana

    Is their a ways to send invoice as an email content not as an attachment.


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