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Recently Tally ERP 9 has introduced a new feature called “Marked Voucher“.This is a tool for consultant or auditors to make changes in the books of their client and share the modified  or newly added vouchers to the client to merge with their original data they are working with at any point of time. It doesn’t matter that the client is continuously entering data with original copy of their data.

Marked Vouchers are useful when

  1. You found some of the entries are missed out to pass after sharing your data for filing return or filing income tax. You can enter those vouchers and share the marked voucher export xml to your consultant or chartered accountant.
  2. If you are a tax consultant or a CA, and modified your clients data, the update these changes in the clients book, they have to manually identify the changes and implement those changes in their books also. They cannot restore the data returned by you as they have made so many entries as a party of daily business activities. In such cases you can implement those changes with marked voucher xml without affecting new entries made by your client.
  3. In Chartered accountant’s office many are working for the same clients data in different computers, they all can export marked vouchers and implement those changes in a single computer.
  4. As a business owner you may have made some changes in the data of your company outside the office and your accountant also might have made changes in the original data of your office. In that case you can communicate with modified vouchers with your accountant.
  5. If you runs business in multiple locations as branches. The branches can share the newly created vouchers and modified voucher to the head office on daily basis to get a consolidated account of whole business as a part of centralized accounting.

How to activate Mark changed voucher feature in tally

To activate this option go to

F11 Features >F1 Accounting feature

Mark Changed Voucher :Yes

Mark changed vouchers activation

Now tally start keep the track of modified vouchers and newly added vouchers.

Marked Voucher Example in tally erp 9

on 02-04-2018  Techno Solutions have the following entries in their tally erp 9 daybook.


They have backed up the data and send to their Auditor for Income tax filing purpose. After sending the data auditor made the following changes in the books on data 02-04-2018.

  • Sales Invoice L-001 Modified ,and the new value of Invoice is 10620
  • Added a bank payment voucher of Lubi Industries  of Rs 34600

After Passing the entry, the auditor want their clients book is also synched with newly modified data.

Marked Voucher Register

You can view the newly modified and entered voucher in the marked voucher register. To view this go to

Display>Exception Reports> Marked Vouchers

Hot Key: D>X>V

Marked Voucher register

Delete Marked vouchers

You can delete marked vouchers by clicking on the button Clear All Marking. or use shortcut key Ctrl+R

Export Marked vouchers

You can export the marked voucher  by clicking on export button or use shortcut Alt + E, You will get the following screen.

Export Marked vouchers

  • Language: Default ( All languages)
  • Format:XML (Data interchange for Marked Vouchers)
  • Export Location: Provide the path in which the file is exported.
  • Show dependent masters also: Yes, only if you modified related masters.
  • Output file name :By default,the file name will displayed with GSTIN,You can modify this with file extension .xml.
  • Open exported file: If you wish to open the file ,provide Yes, else No.

After successful export, you can send it to your client by email. Best way is compress the files with a zip application like winzip or winrar  and attach with your email service.

Import the marked vouchers in the server or main location.

To import the marked vouchers in the original client’s machine follow the import procedure described below.

Open your company in tally erp 9, MAKE SURE THAT OPTION MARKED VOUCHER IS SET TO NO.

Save the xml file in your computer sent by the auditor.

Now go to Gateway of Tally>Import of data> Vouchers

Hotkey: O>V

The import voucher option will have popped up

Name of file to be exported : Enter the location of file with xml extension in the text field.

Import of marked vouchers

Immediately hitting enter key, tally will start importing vouchers .

While analyzing the day book of 02-04-2018, you will find the modified and newly entered vouchers are in the day book.

Modified vouchers are implemented

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