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Security control is the most important option of every accounting software, In this Tutorial We will learn How to set-up security control in Tally ERP9.The security control includes the following three parts in tally ERP9

  1. Enabling Security control
  2. Defining Security Level
  3. Create Users

Using security control in Tally ERP9, an administrator can give access to tally software based on the job profile of employees.

Allocate Tally software access based on the work profile

Management can allow and disallow users to edit, delete, access masters,Vouchers and various reports available in tally based on their eligibility. For example,

  1. Management can assign Accounts manager for creating editing & deleting masters (ledgers, groups vouchers) and allow back dated entries for 5 days.
  2. Data entry operators can only enter data’s (accounts voucher and inventory vouchers) and cannot edit data entered in previous date.
  3. The managing director can view the complete reports available in tally ( Administrator Right)

In such a way we can allocate accessing all the options available in tally for each and every user. This helps to manage and control the operations of large organization better.

Also we can identify the user who has entered, edited and deleted a specific masters ,vouchers   by enabling audit feature  of security control in Tally ERP9.

Let’s start the lesson.

How to enable security control in tally erp9?

Load the company you want to activate the security control.

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Company Info (Alt+F3) >>Alter

Select the company and press enter; now we are in company alteration screen. In the company alteration screen Locate “Use Security control” and Set this option to Yes.


Make this option to Yes, and then the following options will active just below, like this

Creating administrator and password

And fill the options as below

Name of the administrator: This is the person who has the full access to all the tally options. This person is called administrator.

Password:  A secret password known by administrator only.

Repeat Password: Re-type the same password again. Write password somewhere secretly in order to overcome the danger of forgetting.

Use Tally Audit feature: Make this to yes, this feature will allow you to track the user activity like which user entered, edited and deleted a particular voucher and masters.

Disallow opening Educational mode:  By enabling this, the company’s data cannot be opened in an educational tally version.

The final screen will look like this

Enabling security control in Tally ERP9

Press enter and save the screen. The security control is active now.

Define Security Level

Let’s do this with an example

We are creating two users in the name of Mr. Rahul (Accounts Manger) and Perm (Accountant)  Look at the below table to know what are the options are allocating to the users.

Name Position User name Password Facility Allowed
RAHUL ACCOUNTS MANGER RAHU RAHUACM Create ,Edit , Masters and vouchers, Put Back  dated  entry for 5 days
PREM ACCOUNTANT PREM PREMACCT Only data entry and back dated voucher allowed one day


To allocate facility we should define the security levels, One for Accountant and another one for Accounts manager .How to set security level.

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Company Info (Alt+F3) >>Security Control>>Types Of security

Pre-defined security level in Tally ERP9

In the security level screen there are Three pre-defined security Levels

  1. Data Entry
  2. Tally.NET User
  3. Tally.Net Auditor

Data Entry:  This predefined security level is allowed basic access to enter vouchers in tally, for our accountant we are giving the basic access of entering data and allow backdated entry for one day. So “Data entry” can be used the security level of accountant.

What is backdated entry: Back dated entry is the process of entering transaction prior to current date. There may be situations to enter back dated voucher due to omission or oversight or to adjust accounts etc. There is a chance of misuse of the facility to enter back dated voucher in tally. So an administrator can allow or disallow backdated entry.

How to allow back dated entry in Tally ERP9?

To allow back dated entry, Press enter when cursor is at Data Entry Field, in the screen appeared, Locate option Days allowed for backdated vouchers. Type “1 “here as in the picture and leave the rest of the things same,

Allowing back dated entry in security Level screen

Now save the screen by pressing enter key or Use Ctrl+A Short cut key.

So the security level for Accountant is set.

Now the security level for Accounts manager: As an accounts manager, he is the responsible person for all accounts related matters, Hence an accounts manager require some rights to access, edit masters , vouchers etc.

So we are told to given the following rights to accounts manager RAHUL

  1. Back dated voucher allowed for 5 days, After 5 days making any backdated entry will require management /Administrator permission.
  2. Create, Edit,  Masters and vouchers but cannot delete

To do this, we should create a new security level, Press down arrow key to reach at the end of the security level screen.

Security Level for company screen

Type the name of new security level, for example Acc manger

Create a new security Level in Tally erp9

Press Enter, You will get a new Security Level Screen, Where you can allow disallow tally features.

You can find the following field in this screen.

Name of the security Level:  This field will automatically fill with the above typed name “Acct manager”

Use Basic Facilities of:  You can assign existing security level to newly creating Security level.  Select “Data entry”  here (There are four options available by default, the second option Owner will give complete access to tally, and Data entry will give only basic data entry options,

By selecting Data entry, you will get only basic data entry options for Accounts manager, but in Tally ERP9 there is an  allow and disallowed option, option once allowed can disallow  in the same screen,let’s see how to do this later on this tutorial.

Days Allowed for Back dated vouchers: We are giving 5 days for Accounts manager for back dated voucher entry and editing.

Cut-off date for back dated vouchers: If you type a date for example 01-11-2012, you cannot enter; edit a transaction prior to that date for Example:  a voucher cannot be entered in 31/10/2012.

Set Alter Print before save: This will allow disallow the user to print before saving.  You can restrict and allow certain voucher types.

Allow Connect Company: if you set this yes, The Accounts manager can connect to server.

Use Authentication:  If you set this to yes, the user can work remotely.

Press enter

Now you are in the field “Disallow the following facilities”

Select all the facilities that have to be blocked to accounts manager. See the below picture, certain options are blocked to accounts manager on the left hand side.

Assigning security Level for Manager

In the given example, we want to allow create edit accounts masters but he cannot delete it. Let’s see how to do this

In the above picture you can see

On the left hand side (Under Disallow the following facilities)   Disallowed Full Access of Accounting masters

This means that the user cannot, create, edit and delete accounts masters like Groups, Ledgers etc.

On the right hand side (Under Allow the following facilities) re – enabled, Create Alter, Display. Print Accounts masters.  This means that the user can create, alter, display and print accounting masters.

Hence we have blocked, deleting the masters and enabled create alter, display and print for accounts manager.

Press Enter and save the screen. So the security level for Accountant and Accounts manager is ready.

Create User

We have created security level, the next step is to create user, to create users Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Company Info (Alt+F3) >>Security Control>>Users and passwords

“Acct manger” is the security level set for accounts manager Rahul, So select security level as Acct manager

Then His user name something like “Rahul”

Password:  Something like        “rahul123@”

And for Accountant select” Data entry” as security level, then user name and password as shown in the image

User creation screen in Tally ERP9

Press Enter and save the screen.

The user name and password created can be allocated to the users, and they can login and work tally with their own user name and password.

How to edit password and user name?

An administrator can always, edit user name and password by logging in to tally. To edit user name and password

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Company Info (Alt+F3) >>Security Control>>Users and passwords

Make necessary changes, and then save.

Log in using new user name and password, to see the allotted options are available to each user.

So Security control in Tally ERP9 all set. Let us know if you have any concern setting this up in your Tally.



  • AP

    I want to disable back dated voucher for even a single day; essentially every day vouchers will be created on the current date only, no entry can be made to yesterday’s date.
    How can this be done?

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Aishwary

    From where we can view access rights ‘modification log’ in Tally ERP 9.0 from audit point of view?


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