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copy masters from one computer to another using import export feature in tally

In last lesson we learned about how to copy masters from one company to another from the same computer. Here we are discussing how masters can be copied from one computer to another computer there are two options to do this? Copy masters from one company to another in same company (click the link to see how), then copy the data folder of the destination company and use it in another computer. Export masters from Source Company, then copy export

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How to copy masters and vouchers from one company to another ?

Copying masters and vouchers from one company to another company is possible in tally. This is useful when you are running a branch company of same business. While consolidating two companies’ accounts, similar masters are very useful.  This is a method without using Import & Export in Tally erp 9. Master refers to the following Accounts Groups, Ledgers, Inventory group, Stock items, Unit of measurement, Voucher types, Payroll groups, payroll categories etc are some of the examples of masters in

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How to delete a group in tally?

We have learned how to create,display and edit group in Tally ERP 9.There may be situations of deleting group like you have moved all existing ledger from a group and that groups remains unused in your system. Today let’s learn how to delete a group in tally. Before deleting you must understand when a groups can be deleted You cannot delete any Primary or default Group already exists in tally erp 9 You cannot delete any group under which a sub

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Display( view), alter( modify),groups in tally

Now we know how to create a new group under a single group, create group under advance mode and multiple groups’ creation. In this chapter we are going to discuss How to view a group in tally. How to modify a group in tally As group creation, each of the actions mentioned above have two dimensions. The first one is under single group and the second one is under multiple groups. View group in tally under single group? Display of

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How to create multiple groups in Tally ERP 9?

W e have completed multiple ledger creation in our previous lesson, Now we are going to discuss how multiple groups are created. This is similar to multiple ledger creation.  Tally has 28 Pre defined groups .All groups required for a normal business is covered in it. If your business demands further classification of groups or sub classification of group’s .You can do it easily with tally. Tally ERP9 provide advanced facility of creating groups under already existing groups from a

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How to create multiple ledger in tally erp 9

Multiple ledger creation in tally is very useful and time saving feature, In older versions of tally, we could create multiple ledgers under a single group .For example you can create many debtors ledger under sundry debtor group, but you cannot create ledgers under  Sundry debtors and Sundry creditors at a time. Now in ERP9 you can do both the things. Let’s explain how? If you are not familiar with  ledgers and groups We have made some post for your reference. How

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What is a ledger ?Types of Ledgers

What is a Ledger? A group of Account is known as a ledger.After the transactions have been recorded in the journal the accounts are prepared in this book.The Ledger is,therefore, a derived or secondary record.Its source of information is the book of original entry, that is journal. The ledger is considered to be the principal or main book of account. Broad Sub Division Of Ledger The Ledger is broadly divided into two: Personal Ledger Impersonal Ledger Personal accounts,that is accounts

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