Cheque Printing Configuration in tally erp 9

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Every business make payment  VIA cheque , or online bank payments. Writing on the cheque with favoring name ,date and amount is a conventional way,Let’s move on to a professional way of cheque issuing.  Today we will learn How to configure cheque printing in Tally erp 9.

Scenario : Harbour Co Ltd ,Opened a Bank account at State Bank Of India, A/c No # 220225500400 ,Bank Issued a cheque Book  Of 50 Leaves bearing No Starting From 452051  to 452100.  On 01-10-2018  ,Company wants issue a Cheque 452051 to Friends Kannur of Rs 150000,  Prepare a printed cheque. IFSC

Configuring cheque printing in tally erp 9

Go to F11 Features> F1 Accounting Features>

enable cheque printing features in f11

bank ledger alteration

A new cheque book management screen will open. enter the details

  • From Number: Starting number of cheque book.
  • To Number: End number of cheque book.
  • Number of cheques: This will calculated automatically.
  • Cheque Book Name: You can put any name  your cheque book for easy reference.

cheque book management

If you have more than one  cheque book, enter the next one in the next line.

Save the screen. You will be back to ledger alteration screen. activate the option set cheque printing configuration : 

set cheque printing configuration

  • Hit enter, the printing configuration screen will appear.

There are few default configuration for all banks, here are some default cheques.

default format for cheque printing

Click on list formats, on the left select your cheque and hit enter.

If your format not listed, click on user defined and Hit enter key. The configuration screen will appear.

  • You should have a centimeter scale, to take the dimension of cheque. Here you will be asked for  cheques width, height, The distance from left and right each field to be printed.

Here is the sample  measurement of cheques , all dimensions are in millimeters

Dimension of cheque


And its application in cheque printing configuration screens.

cheque printing configuration

  • Now save the screen. You can view sample cheque printing preview.
  • Enter the party payment with cheque details in Bank allocation screen. Press F12 configure When you are at bank allocation screen.

bank allocation screen

After saving the voucher , the cheque printing dialogue box appear .

Insert a cheque in your printer and hit enter to print the chque.


How to Cheque Printing In tally menu?

If you want to print already saved voucher, go to

Gateway of Tally>Banking>Cheque Printing

List of bank’s ledger will display, open your bank in which payments are entered for cheque printing.

The list of cheque printing pending vouchers will appear.If you want to print multiple cheques, select all that are to be printed by pressing space bar.

Click on print button, The cheques will be printed one after another.

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