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Cheque Printing Configuration in tally erp 9

Every business make payment  VIA cheque , or online bank payments. Writing on the cheque with favoring name ,date and amount is a conventional way.  Today we will learn How to configure cheque printing in Tally erp 9.

Scenario : Harbour Co Ltd ,Opened a Bank account at Indian Overseas Bank, A/c No # 245701460325400 ,Bank Issued a cheque Book  OF 100 Leaves bearing No Starting From 452051  to 452100.  On 01-10-2018  ,Company wants issue a Cheque 452051 to Friends Kannur of Rs 150000,  Prepare a printed cheque.

Configuring cheque printing in tally erp 9

Go to F11 Features> F1 Accounting Features>

  • Activate the option Enable cheque printing. Under head banking features and save the screen.
  • Now create a new bank ledger or you can alter existing bank ledger.
  • In the bank creation/alteration screen,  Enable Set cheque book  option.
  • In the upcoming screen enter the From number & to number of cheques in our example 452051 to 452100, Number of cheque leaves, Enter a cheque book name, this can be any name that you can easily identify in case of multiple banks and cheque books you manage.
  • Next option is cheque printing configuration.Type Yes and  hit enter, the printing configuration screen will appear.
  • You should have a centimeter scale, to take the dimension of cheque. Here you will be asked for  cheques width, height, The distance from left and right each field to be printed.
  • Now save the screen.
  • Enter the party payment with cheque details in Bank allocation screen. Press F12 configure When you are at bank allocation screen.

How to Cheque Printing In tally ?

To print the cheque right from the voucher entry screen ,The cheque printing screen will be displayed immediately after saving the voucher. You can click Yes  to print the cheque.

If you want to print already saved voucher, go to

Gateway of Tally>Banking>Cheque Printing

List of bank’s ledger will display, open your bank in which payments are entered for cheque printing.

The list of cheque printing pending vouchers will appear.If you want to print multiple cheques, select all that are to be printed by pressing space bar.

Click on print button, The cheques will be printed one after another.

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