Payment advice creation, print, email in tally

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Payment advice is a standard practice of every business when making payments especially bank payments. Normally you have to create a format in word processor or ms excel and take the printout in a paper or letter head . Remittance letter or payment advice is an intimation to a supplier that their invoice has been paid.

How to create payment advice

In tally erp 9 creating and printing of payment advice is made simple let’s create a payment advice.

Go to gateway of tally> Banking > Payment advice

The list of ledger will appear as  shown below.

list of ledgers for payment advice

If you selected All item from the list all payments will be displayed  as shown below.

all item payment advice

Press F12 Configure to get more payment advice options.

configuration screen for all items payment advice

Confirm each payment advice before print/email option is available only if you have selected all items from the list.

If you want to print payment advice of a single party, select the particular party, in our example vishal mobile. and hit enter. all the payments of the particular party will be displayed.

payment advice of a particular party list

The configuration screen for single party is as follows.

payment advice configuration for a single party

Whatever the options to be printed in the payment advice,activate those by typing yes in the column.

How to print payment advice in tally ?

To print payment advice, you have to select the payments from the list, do you know how to select.

Place the cursor on the line then press space bar. in this way you can select as many as lines from the list.

Here I am selecting two lines

multiple line selected

Click print or use Alt+P to print the payment advice.

Printing payment advice configuration

You can activate /deactivate  options to be printed here also.

Hit enter to send the advice for printing. the printed advice will be look like

payment advice all in one page

In the above example you can see all payments you selected printed in a single payment advice. If you each payments are printed in a separate page.

Click F12 and activate the option

Start fresh page for each transaction for Print/eMail : Yes

start fresh page for each payment

Save the configuration, Now if you print the advice, it will printed each payment individually.

payment advice individual payment

How to email payment advice?

To send email to the party, you have to select the desired payments and click email button.

The email configuration screen will appear

fill up the required details and hit enter key.

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