How to print cash deposit slip & cheque deposit slip in tally?

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Business don’t keep cash in their premises, they deposit every day collection to the bank or banks. For depositing cash and cheque each and every bank has its own printed deposit slips. But in tally also there is a cash deposit slip and a cheque deposit slip that can be submitted to the bank for collection. Many banks are not accepting a printed slip in customer own format. If  any bank allow this, you have an option in tally.

How to print cash deposit slip?

All the fields in a bank deposit slips are available for print in tally cash deposit slip. First you should have some cash deposit entries in tally.

For example ABC Ltd deposited 55424 Inr  to state bank of India , You can enter this transaction through contra voucher.

The bank allocation should be as follows,  transaction type must be cash as shown in the figure below.

Cash Deposit transaction type

Immediately after hitting enter key,you will get a denomination entry form.

cash deposit denominations

cash deposit entry voucher

How to print cash deposit slip ?

To print cash deposit slip go to

Gateway of tally> Banking > Deposit slip>Cash Deposit slip

The banks list will display ,In our example there is only one bank in the list.

banks list

Select your bank, state bank of India here.

The list of cash deposits entry will be displayed.

List of cash deposit entry

Click on the line of entry you want to print cash deposit slip

Then click on select  button at the bottom right or use shortcut key Space bar , after selection the line will have changed to a dark blue color.

selected entry for cash deposit slip printing

Now click on Print button or use Alt +P

Printing cash deposit slip configuration screen will displayed

You can allow printing company’s telephone. mobile number, PAN  by enabling the option by typing Yes.

cash deposit slip printing configuration

Save, the screen, you will get a cash deposit slip preview

Cash deposit slip preview

Hit enter to print or click on Yes.

You will get two copies of cash deposit slip.

Banker’s copy & Customer’s Copy.

cash deposit slip

How to print cheque deposit slip?

Cheque deposit slip is similar to printing cash deposit slip. Whenever you receive a payment from customer or some other parties in the form of  cheque or demand draft we will deposit the same into bank account. Banks provides their own printed deposit slip or pay in slip which needs to be filled manually.  Tally gives you an options for printing cheque deposit slips write from cheque deposit entry.We will explain this with an example.


ABC Ltd received a cheque of Indusind Bank bearing cheque no 125460 dtd 2-6-2018  for Rs 150000. The same shall be entered into the system and need a cheque deposit slip for deposit.

Open your receipt voucher by pressing F6 from Accounting voucher screen.

Enter bank receipt entry of Rs 150000, the bank allocation screen should contain, the cheque number, instrument date, instrument number, payee bank etc.

Gateway of Tally>Banking>Deposit slip>Cheque Deposit slip

Select the deposited bank from the list.

Select the entry by pressing space bar from the list of entries.

Click print button or use Alt + P from list.

The printing configuration will appear, make changes for printing received from, company phone, mobile PAN etc.

This will print two copy, banker copy and customer copy as shown in the below image.

cheque printing slips

Hope this helps you in printing both cash deposit slip and cheque deposit slip.

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