How to create sales order in Tally erp 9

SALES ORDER, Some times call as SO. It is an order issued to the buyer by the seller .It contains the details about the order given by the buyer through purchase order. The supplier enter the quantity ,rate ,terms and conditions in the sales order. As far as a  seller & buyer is  concerned the sales order is the final document for sale; before generating a sale invoice.  Because it is generated after receiving purchase order and both parties have agreed

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How to enter receipt note (GRN) voucher entry in tally erp 9?

GRN Goods receipt note is a next stage Document of purchase order in the purchase management system. A GRN or Goods receipt note ensures accurate matching of goods received against Purchase order. The store keeper is required to prepare  a GRN along with the Supplier / Delivery Party ( Transporter) stating that the goods have been received as expected and forward to the payment department of the company so that ensure timely payment to the supplier. All the party involved

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Stock Transfer – Branch Accounting under GST in tally erp 9

Stock transfer is an important factor of business having multiple branches in different locations. Stock transferring between branches cannot be considered as sale as it is just movement of goods between branches of same business. Stock transfer may be the supply goods to a branch where that item is not available.  This may be inter state or intra-state. Inter state stock transfer means stock movement to a branch situated in another state. Example Scenario : ABC Ltd  is a business

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Year ending process, moving to new financial year in tally erp 9

As you know Indian Accounting system is following April to march Financial year system.In this chapter we will discussing the steps to be taken in tally erp 9 while moving to a new financial year. Make sure that all expense shall be booked,and put all banking entries,and prepare a reconciliation statements. Ensure that GST payable is accurate. Things to be done before closing a financial year . Make sure that all expense as on date is booked. Put all banking

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How to split company data in tally erp 9? Split company & usage

In tally erp 9, To account the transactions of a business, we create a company and start entering vouchers in it.As you know a financial year ends in 12 months.In Indian system we follows April to march system. Some tally users continues the accounting process in same company.In such cases you need to select the financial year every time. otherwise tally shows in accurate balance sheet and profit and loss account mix up with all Financial year. Why not follow

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What is Day book in tally erp 9 ? How to use day book ?

A day book is a record of all transactions like, sales, purchase,payment,receipt  in a day of an organisation or business concern. This is similar to journal book in manual accounting. In tally erp 9, it is a report in which all entries posted.This report does not have any balances. You will get the summary of one day activities by looking at this report. How to view Day Book in tally To View day book of tally Go to Gateway of Tally

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Use of Mark changed Vouchers in tally erp 9,

Recently Tally ERP 9 has introduced a new feature called “Marked Voucher“.This is a tool for consultant or auditors to make changes in the books of their client and share the modified  or newly added vouchers to the client to merge with their original data they are working with at any point of time. It doesn’t matter that the client is continuously entering data with original copy of their data. Marked Vouchers are useful when You found some of the

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