We have 1 Server and 5 Client Machines in our office inter-connected via a Switch on LAN. We have been facing issues with the speed of tally (both voucher entry and display of infomration) on the client machines and we have already checked the following :

– RAM on all machines is 8 GB
– Operating Systems on all machines is Windows7 Ultimate
– Exceptions have been set on all machines for Firewalls and Antiviruses for Tally
– Company Data has been split and tally data folder size is less than 20 MB as on date
– Ping time is less than 1ms between all machines
– Other than tally, all other file transfers etc on the network take place without any lag or problems

I would be grateful to you if you can help us in identifying any other points that we may have missed checked to try and improve our tally access speed on client machines.

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