How to generate e-way bill using tally erp 9?

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In this chapter we will learn how to activate e-way bill in tally erp 9 and how to generate e-way bill using tally erp 9.These are the transport document for the movement of goods both inter state and intra state. Some states are make it mandatory for both interstate and intra-state movement of goods. eway bills are generated when there is a goods movement of more than 50000 in single bill or delivery challan. For this reason e-way bills are available only for those invoices which are having stock items. That is accounting invoices and companies maintaining accounts only will not have the option to generate eway bill. In POS invoice , e-way bill option is not available generally customers are carrying the goods. But if the seller agreed to deliver the goods, you can enter the details through e-way bill report.

How to activate GST e-way bill in tally ?

To setup  GST e-way bill go to

  • F11 Features >F3

In the statutory and taxation settings screen activate the following by typing yes.

  • Enable Goods and Service tax ( GST)  :Yes
  • Set/alter GST details: Yes

Immediately after enabling this ,GST details screen appear as shown below.

e-way bill activation

You will find following eway bill options 

  • e-way bill applicable : Yes
  • Applicable from : Enter the date from which e-way bill applicable to you.
  • Threshold limit Includes

Threshold limit for e-way bill includes

There are three options for threshold limit

  1. Invoice value
  2. Taxable and exempt goods value
  3. Taxable goods value

Select whichever is applicable to your business

  • Applicable for intrastate : Yes ,If e-way bills are applicable for transactions within state.
  • Threshold Limit : 50000 threshold limit for intrastate transactions applicable in your registered state.

Hit enter and accept the screen. Now the e-way bill settings are saved and activated.

How to generate e-way bill using tally erp 9 ?

In tally erp 9, To generate e-way bill you need to activate e-way bill as described above. Nothing more  is needed. When a gst sales voucher or purchase invoice is being entered; tally will ask you to Provide GST/e-way Bill details immediately after entering the rate of the item. e-way bill option appear only if you are entering a stock item in the invoices, that is eway bill option is not available for service invoices.

Sales voucher with e-way bill option enabled

If you want eway bill generated for this transaction, Select Yes for the option ‘Provide GST/e-way Bill details’  and Hit enter Key.The e-way bill details screen will appear as follows.

e-way bill entry details screen


Now let’s have a look at the other options provided in the screen. You will find three buttons on the right hand side of the screen. Here is the compact view of those buttons

other buttons available in e-way bill screens

If anything found missing in the above screen, Press F12 configure and activate those options.

Transport details : If goods are transported through more than one modes, For example, exporting goods are transported through road initially then through ship , In such cases you can input those details by clicking on the Transport details button provided on the right hand side of screen in tally erp 9. The shortcut key is Ctrl+T

e-way bill details:You can found another button called e-Way Bill Details here, This button is used to enter details of multiple e-way bills for a single transaction. The short cut key is Alt+W.

How to generate json file for e-way-bill portal?

Here enter all the details as shown  in the above image and hit enter key to save  eway bill details screen. Now save the sales voucher. If anything mandatory is missed out tally will send you a warning message while saving the voucher.

Tally will display you exporting details for e-way bill screen. Any thing need to be changed press back space for modification.

export details for e-way bill

Export details of json file for e-way bill

Click on Yes or Press Y for exporting  json file to the specified folder.

If ‘Open Exported Folder‘ option is activated in the above screen. A folder will open in front of you with the json file.

exported json file in folder

And at same time you will find another screen opened in tally erp 9 as shown below. Keep this as it is in tally.

Update e-way bill information after generating e-way bill

How to upload json file to e-way bill portal

To upload json file generated through tally erp 9, You just need to follow the few simple steps below.

Go to GST e-way bill site

Login to The site

Click on E-way bill

e way bill site menu

click   Generate Bulk

Browse json file

Browse json file from your computer and select the newly generated json by tally erp 9. Click upload. The e-way bill details are populated in the screen.


Now click on Generate button.

Generated e-way bill number

The e-way bills will have generated ,See the image above.Now note the ewb number and click on Home button of the eway bill portal

Now you will be in the home screen, click on menu  e-way bill >> Print ewb

Print ewb menu

Print ewb number

Click on Go button, The e-way bill will be generated as shown below.

e-way bill

Click on Detailed Print to view all details of ewb. Click print to take the printout of e-way bill.

Now update the e-way bill number in tally erp 9


Save the screen.

How to view e-way bill details report?

You can view the e-way bill details in e-way bill report of tally erp 9. To view this report go to.

Display>Statutory Reports>GST>e-way bill>e-way bill report

e-way bill report

Hope this tutorial helps you. please do share with your friends in social medias.

How to create consolidated e-way bill using tally

The e-way bill rule allows you to carry a consolidated eway bill number for supplies that are separate eway bill numbers but are dispatched from the same place using  the same mode in the same point of time. Thus you can avoid carrying separate eway bill for each invoice  in the shipment.

Tally erp 9 , help you to identify invoices that can be consolidated in a single click.

Display>Statutory Reports>GST>e-way bill>Eway Bill Report
e-way bill report

Click on consolidated view button

Tally will display a consolidated view based on the gst rules. as shown below, in this view you can see each consolidated section shows one mode f transportation, same vehicle number etc.

consolidated view

click on selected consolidation and press space bar to select the invoices as shown in the below figure.

export consolidation

Click export consolidated button

json file exporting

The consolidated eway bill json will have exported in the specified location.

json exported in the folder

How to upload and generate consolidated eway bill in ewb portal

  1. Now login to the eway bill portal 
  2. Consolidated e-way bill>  Generate bulk.
  3. Upload the consolidated json file
  4. Click upload. the consolidated e-way bill is generated

To update the bill information in tally

Again go to eway bill report and click update consolidation info

Enter the consolidated bill number and date and save.

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