How to deactivate VAT, Excise & Service tax in Tally For GST from 01-07-2017 ?

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GST has been rolled out in India on 01-07-2017. We know GST has subsumed all major Indirect taxes like VAT,Excise & Service tax. Which mean we don’t need to pay all these taxes instead we have to pay GST only. So you want to deactivate VAT, Central Excise & Service Tax in Tally ERP 9. ¬†Let’s do this, before deactivating make sure that you should be able to use all this taxes till date 30-06-2017. Which means you may have pending VAT ,Service invoice ¬†entry, return submission till date 30.06-207.

Deactivating VAT From 01-07-2017

Make sure that You have upgraded to Latest Tally ERP 9 Release ,Following options are available from Tally ERP 9 Realese 6. We recommend update to latest stable version Release 6.0.2.

To deactivate VAT from 01-07-2017 go to

Gateway of Tally > F11 Features >F3: Statutory & Taxation

Go to Set Alter VAT Details , Set this to Yes

Set Alter VAT Details

VAT Details screen will appear, In which you will find an option ‘Deactivate from‘ enter date 01-07-2017 as displayed in below image.

VAT Deactivate from option screen

Press enter and save. This will deactivate VAT only from 01-07-2017

Deactivate Central Excise from 01-07-2017

Deactivating Central Excise is a similar process of VAT Deactivation. How ever we are explaining this too.

Go to

Gateway of Tally > F11 Features > F3: Statutory

Go to set/alter excise details ,Set this to Yes

Set/alter excise details option screenshot

A new Excise details screen as shown below will appear, in this screen find the option ‘deactivate from‘. enter date 01-07-2017. This will deactivate central excise from this date.

excise details screen option deactivate from

Press enter and save the screen.

Deactivate Service Tax from 01-07-2017

Now finally service tax which is another major Indirect tax demolished by GST. Let’s do the same process for service tax too.

Go to Gateway of Tally > F11 Features > F3 Statutory

Go to option Set/alter service tax details. Make this to Yes

set/alter Service tax details

In the service tax details screen find option ‘deactivate from‘ at the end of the screen. Enter date 01-07-2017 here.

Service tax deactivate from screenshot

Press enter to save the screen. Now your Tally ERP 9 is Ready to activate GST.



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