How to file GSTR-4 using tally erp 9 ?

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GSTR-4 is the quarterly return to be filed by a composition dealer. As you know composition dealer is a registered tax payer under gst. A Composition dealer can have a a turnover less than 1.5 crore. Composition dealer cannot trade outside of state no input tax is available on purchases they make. They have to issue Bill of supply instead of Invoice for all the sales and a fixed tax rate is applicable on total sale while making tax payments.

Composition dealers can easily generate GSTR-4 in JSON format using tally . This file can be directly uploaded on the GST portal. GSTR-4 can be exported in MS-Excel format as well as per preference. Before generating GSTR-4 in MS-Excel, you have to download the Excel Offline Utility from the GST portal.

GSTR-4 report in tally includes the details of taxable outward supplies, and inward supplies under reverse charge, made by a GST composition dealer in a given period.

GSTR-4 Return filing Due date

Period Due Date
April-June 2018 18th July 2018
July-Sept 2018 18th Oct 2018
Oct-Dec 2018 18th Jan 2019
Jan-Mar 2019 18th Apr 2019

GSTR-4 Filing By Generating json file from tally erp 9

Generating Json file and uploading  to the GST portal is quite a simple, Before doing anything you should check GSTR-4 Report of tally erp 9 for any errors. You should rectify any errors found in the report and start generate json.

How Generate GSTR-4 returns in the JSON format?

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > GST > GSTR-4 .

gstr-4 export

  • In the above report,the period is April to June 2018, You should select quarter in which you are filing GSTR-4 return.
  • We are exporting  json file, To export file press  Ctrl+E  or click export button.

The company GSTIN/UIN should be correct , as the exporting file contains GSTIN for upload.


exporting gstr-4 options

In the exporting screen, Select  format JSON (Data Interchange) ,

Set Open Exported File to Yes .

  1.  Press Enter to export.

The json file will have exported in the export location specified.

How to Upload the JSON file generated from Tally.ERP 9

File GSTR-4 returns to gst portal

  • Log in to the GST portal.
  • Click Services > Returns > Returns Dashboard .
  • Select the financial year & Return Filing Period , Here april to june ,click on  SEARCH .
  • Click GSTR4  prepare offline.

Prepare offline

  • Click Choose File to import

choose file browser

  • Select the json file exported to your system, the portal automatically upload the file and a display a success message.

json upload successful

  • Click on back to file returns. again select the period and click on search.
  • Just click on prepare online. in the screen answer the questions to show relevant sections only.

answer the questions

  • Click Next
  • Click proceed to file

click on tax liability

Now click create challan

create challan

Now click e-payment & generate challan.


Now click on net banking, select bank  & Make payment

net banking

  • In the next screen click declaration, select the name of authorized and click file GSTR-4
  • Click file with EVC, or File with DSC.
  • If you selected  evc Enter the OTP Sent to your mobile or email and validate, The gstr-4 will have successfully filed.
  • If you selected DSC connect your DSC, and  e-sign the return.

GSTR-4 Filing using offline tool from GST portal

GST portal is providing you an offline tool for download, Normally you should input data manually to the offline excel utility and generate json, then upload to the portal. Here tally erp 9 simplifies this procedure by placing this offline tool inside the tally installation folder.  Here is the procedure to follow.

How to Download the offline tool  for GSTR-4 ?

  1. Go to the GST portal .
  2. Go to Download menu , Then Offline Tools

You will find a downloadable link GSTR-4 Offline tool. click on it.

gstr-4 offline tool

You will get a compressed file namely GSTR_4_Offline_Utility, Unzip the downloaded file. The name of excel file is GSTR_4_Offline_Utility_v3.0.xls

Now copy this file to the tally installation folder. If you don’t know, right click on tally icon and click on properties then open file location, paste the utility in the opened folder. Every time when you are exporting a fresh copy of the offline utility shall be used. 

How to export GSTR-4 return from tally to the offline tool ?

To export the GSTR-4 details to this utlity, go the the following menu of tally erp 9

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > GST > GSTR-4 

Select the period by pressing F2 For which you want the return to be exported.

Press Ctrl+E  to export the details to the offline tool.

Export gstr-4 from tally to offline tool

The language should be Default ( All languages), Format should be Excel ( Spread sheet) If you need to change the export location. To open the offline tool immediately after exporting choose Open exported file :Yes.

Press Enter to export the data.

The offline tool with exported data will be opened in front of you.

Exported offline tool for gstr-4

Click on validate sheet, the utility will check whether all the cells are valid. any errors,mismatch will notify you.

Now Go to the  Home tab

  •  Click on Get Summary  button.
  • Click Generate JSON File to upload .
  • On successful validation, the message appears.

The data in the sheets are successfully captured in the json file.Please save this file and upload in the online portal to initiate filing.successful validation

  • Save the json  file .
  • Upload this JSON file on the GST portal. and follow the above procedure.

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