How to create,edit,delete stock category in tally erp 9?

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Stock Category gives a parallel dimension for categorizing or arranging stock items apart from stock group. For example, For a grocery trader is dividing things by adopting the following strategy.He groups the commodity with Brands and categorize with weight as follows.

Sr No Stock Item  Stock Group Stock Category
1 Basmathi Rice Kohinoor Brand 25 Kg bag
2 Sushi Rice Indus valley Brand 50 Kg bag
3 Red Rice Classic Brand 75 Kg bag
4 Rissotto Rice Amira Brand 50 Kg bag
5 Par Boiled Rice India Gate Brand 25 Kg bag

The stock category will give you a third dimension report for the Inventory. That  is the first level report is the report of stock item it self. Second level report is the stock group level report and the stock category report is also a second level report which is parallel to the group level report.

How to activate stock categories in Tally ERP 9

To be able use this option in tally erp 9, You have to activate it, For activation of stock categories go to

F11 Features > F2 Inventory Features

Activate the option Maintain Stock categories


Press enter key and accept and save the screen.

How to create stock categories- Single mode.

To create stock category, Go to

Gateway of Tally>Inventory Info>Stock Categories>Create

  • Enter the stock category name. In our example let’s create 25 Kg bag.
  • Under: Primary ,When you create a category under primary, That becomes the first level category.


Save the screen by pressing Ctrl+A.

Create stock categories under Multiple stock categories.

Go to

Gateway of Tally>Inventory Info>Stock Categories>Create (Under Multiple Stock Categories)


How to edit stock category

To edit a stock category, go to.

Gateway of Tally>Inventory Info>Stock Categories>Alter.

Select the category you want to edit,Make necessary changes required and save.

How to delete a stock category

To delete a stock category, go to

Gateway of Tally>Inventory Info>Stock Categories>Alter.

Select the stock category you want to delete.

Press Alt+D or click on delete button on the bottom of the screen. Accept the confirmation for deletion.

How to use stock category in tally erp 9

If you want to use,the stock category, you have to add the proper category with each and every product. Let’s see how.

Let’s create the First stock item in the above example.

Gateway of Tally> Inventory Info>Stock items>Create



Select the apt category for stock item as shown in the image. and save. create all stock item in the example.

Now you can start all items to be entered in the sales voucher or in purchase voucher.

Category-wise report in tally erp 9

The following category-wise reports are available in tally erp 9.

Movement analysis based on category

Gateway of Tally> Display > Inventory Books > Movement analysis > Category analysis.

By selecting Primary, you can view all stock items categorized under primary group. You can view the individual item report by selecting individual items.

Stock category summary report

Category-wise stock group report is available at

Gateway of Tally> Display >Statements of  Inventory>Categories.

You can get the summary of 25 kg bags or 50 kg bags stock summary, its total value, total inflow of item, total outflow of the item.

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