How to create Fixed Deposit ledger in Tally ERP 9

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Fixed Deposit considered as most safe investment of today’s time.Business owners go for some Fixed deposit as it is safe and getting a higher interest rate than a savings account. We have a guide on how to enter Fixed deposit in tally erp 9.

Fixed Deposits Ledger.

In this section we will guide you how to create a fixed deposit ledger in tally erp 9. Fixed deposits are grouped under Deposits(Assets).

Naming of FD Ledger.

The Fixed deposit ledger may be named as Fixed Deposit, or along with bank name like Fixed Deposit ICICI or with account number like FD- ICICI-A/C No 45665.

How to create FD Ledger?

To create a Fixed deposit Ledger as usual go to

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Gateway of Tally>Accounting Info>Ledger>Create

Name: Give a name like FD- ICICI-A/C No 45665

Under: Deposits(Asset).


Press enter to accept and save the screen.

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