Price List in Tally ERP 9,How to create and use Price list

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Many business are selling products based on volume for promoting bulk sale. To fix price based on quantity base,For example,A customer is buying more than 50 but less than 100  then the seller will fix a rate for such quantity, and a discounted rate if customer is  buying more than 100 but less than 150 .To handle such situation Tally ERP 9 have a special option called Price List. In this tutorial we will learn how to create price list and how to use it.

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How to activate Price levels?

To activate price level you have to go to

Gateway of Tally>F11 Features >F2 Inventory Features

In the Inventory Features screen activate the following

Use separate discount column in Invoice : Yes , activate this option only if you wish to give some discounts to the buyer apart from quantity base special rate.

Use Multiple Price levels : Yes

Activate multiple price levels

Press enter key, you will landed to a new screen called company price levels. You can create as many price list as required. Here we are creating only price list namely :”Volume price list“.

Price levels

Press enter ,to back to features screen save the features screen also by pressing  Ctrl+A.

Press ESC to back to the Gateway of Tally.

Now Go to

Gateway of Tally> Inventory Info

You will Find an option Price list in the menu.


Note: If you have NOT created stock items, This option will remain inactive and cannot used.

Create Price List

To create Price list Select Price list from the menu and press enter.

  1. First of all you have to choose stock group: Select all item to get all stock items, or if you have large numbers of stock grouped under stock group select the particular group for which we are going to create price list.
  2. Select the price level we have created at the activation screen,In our case “Volume price list“.
  3. Applicable From:The date from which the price list is start use. Lets choose Applicable date 01-04-2016.

Price list screen

Press enter key to move on to the price list options screen.


Now Lets create a price list for computer sale.

  • For customers buying 0-5 computers  rate  would be –  24750 – No discount.
  • For Customers buying 5-10 computers rate would be –  24500 – No discount.
  • For Customers buying 10-20 computers rate would be- 24000 – 2% discount.
  • For Customers buying more than 20 computers rate would be – 23750 – 3 % discount

To create this price list

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  1. select the stock item computer, the selling rate earlier use would display automatically.
  2. Now in the First raw  from column will be blank this indicate  starts from ‘0’  ( From Quantity 0 to 5)
  3. Less than column , enter ‘5‘ ( From Quantity 0 to 5)
  4. Rate: Enter the rate of first price bracket, That is 0-5 = 24750
  5. Dis % = As we are not giving any discount ,enter this column balank.

In the same way create Second and third price bracket like 5 to 10 & 10 to 20 s shown in the below picture.


In the same manner you can create price list for another products in the same screen, lets say Laptop.


Press enter and save.

How to use Price List in Tally

We have created price list,Now we want to know how to use this price list while entering sales voucher to a customer.

To see the price list in action you have to go to.

Gateway of Tally>Accounting Voucher>F8 Sales


  1. Remember the date applicable for price list.The list will be effective only from the given date.
  2. The sales voucher entry screen should be in Item Invoice & As Invoice mode.

Now Lets enter a sale voucher to customer A to see how price list works.

  • Sold 4 No of Computer to Customer A

Enter sales voucher as usual,In the sale voucher entry screen you can see an option to select price level as shown in the below images.


  • Select the price list created from the drop down list, You can opt ‘Not Applicable‘,If do not want to enter sales Invoice as per price list created.
  • Up on entering the Number 4 in the quantity column the Price of 0-5 range will automatically selected by tally. See it live in the below image the Price is 24750.00

Sales voucher of 4 nos as per price list

  • Sold 9 No of Computer to Customer A

The 5-10 range price is 24500.00


  • Sold 25 No of Computer to Customer A
  • The price in the price list  for above 25 nos computer is 23750 + 3% discount. The price and discount will displayed automatically as shown in the below image.

Price list as per price list with discount

How to Assign a price list to specific customers

If you have multiple price list and each price list needs to be assigned to specific customers, you have to edit the customers ledger and select the price list for the option’Pricing Level Applicable’

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How to override the price list & discount

For some reasons you may want to change the price and the discount during voucher entry, you can do it.

To do this Press F12 Configure from sales voucher entry screen.

Allow modification of all fields during entry : Yes

Now the curser will move through price and discount column of sales voucher, you can make changes and override the default price list.

Hope this tutorial helps, Please comment your thoughts and doubts. Please do share it with friends.

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