List of Ledgers & under group in Tally ERP9

Here in this post I am trying to provide you all the list of ledgers required for a new company opened in Tally ERP 9 under the head and sub sub heads groups.This post is aiming for beginners who doesn’t know how to start  with and what are the Ledgers required for a newly started business. Under which group the ledgers are placed. You will find accounting ledger for expenses, incomes, assets and liabilities in the below chart. In this Table I have tried to put all ledgers under right groups so as to get an accurate business result and Balance sheet.

Not all ledger are required by every business ,select the a few ledgers a which are absolutely necessary for your accounting purposes.

List of ledgers and its under group in tally

Tally Under Group  Head Ledger Name to be created  Descriptions
Branch/Divisions Delhi Branch All branches of a business
Capital Account Capital Account
Partners /Owners Drawings A/c
Share Capital A/C
Partner’s Current Account
Reserves & Surplus General Reserve A/c
Capital Reserve A/c
Current Asset TDS Paid
TCS Paid
Bills Receivable
Accrued Income
Prepaid Insurance To account the insurance paid for the next Financial year.
Income Tax Advance
Bank Accounts Bank Accounts All bank account Current account, OD Account, CC Account, savings accounts etc. For  Axis Bank A/c
Bank OCC Account Bank CC Accounts
Bank OD Account Bank  OD Accounts
Cash- In – Hand Petty Cash A/c
Cash A/c default account
Deposit ( Asset ) NSC Deposits
Fixed Deposits
Loans &  Advances (Asset) Salary Advance
Loans to sister concern
Loans to director
Loans to partner
Stock in hand Opening Stock
Closing Stock
Sundry Debtors Customer Ledger All customers ledger who buys products or services from business
Current Liabilities Bills Payable
Outstanding Expense
Lease Payable
Income Tax payable
GST Payable
TDS Payable
TCS Payable
Expense Payable
Divident Payable
Unearned Revenue
Duties & Taxes Sales Tax A/c
Output Vat
Input Vat
TDS Account Eg: TDS on Interest
TCS Account Eg: TCS on Motor vehcile
Excise Duty
Service tax
CGST Type of duty should be gst
CESS Tax type selected cess
Provisions Provision for Bad Debts
Audit Fee Payable
Salary Payable
Wages Payable
TDS Payable
TCS Payable
Compound tax payable
Income Tax Payable
Telephone charges Payable
Rent Payable
Sundry Creditors Supplier Ledgers The supllier from whome you purchase raw materials and other thng for business in credit.
Direct Expense Wages Account
Repair & Maintenance
Freight Paid Freight paid for the purchase of materials for selling or manufacturing
Factory Lighting
Factory Rent
Import Duty
Royalty For Mining, leasing etc
Electricity charges ( Factory )
Loading & Unloading Exp
Ware House Expense
Custom clearing charges
Freight Charges
Coal & Fuel
Gas chares ( Factory )
Water Charges ( Factory )
Export Duty
Delivery charges ( Buying raw material)
Diesel Expense ( Factory )
Fixed Asset Land A/c
Plant & Machinery
Motor Vehicles
Furniture & Fixtures
Computer & Peripherals
Computer software Most Expensive software if purchased
Long Term Investment
Indirect Expense Interest On Capital
Salary Account Vary in relation to the nature of business, Some time salary account termed as direct expense.
Directors Remuneration
Partners salary
Professional Fees
Legal charges
Interest on loan
Audit Fee
Local Conveyance
Miscellaneous Expense
Rates & Taxes
Round off
Printing & Stationery
Travelling Expense
Vehicle Expense
Telephone Charges
Communication Expense
Advertising charges
Discount Allowed
Staff Welfare Expense
Compound Tax Paid
Courier Charges
Commission Paid
Interest on Income Tax
Tea & Coffee Expense
Bank Charges
Rent Expense ( Office )
Maintenance Expense ( Office , Building )
Sample Free
Interest on VAT
Interest on TDS
Interest on TCS
Donation & Charity
Loss by fire
Loss By theft
Legal Charges
Bad Debts
Diesel/Petrol Expense For travelling, cars for managers etc
Freight Received To account the freight charges received from customers. Eg: Transportation using Lorry
Scrap Sale sale of small amount carton box, machinery damaged parts etc.
Commission Received
Interest Received
Interest On Investment Received
Indirect Income Freight Received To account the freight charges received from customers. Eg: Transportation using Lorry
Commission Received
Interest Received
Interest On Investment Received
Discount Received
Bad Debt Recovered
Investments Investment in Share
Loans ( Liability) Loan Account For example If you take loans from a Private finance Create a LEDGER : L & T Financial Services Loan A/c No: 1256 For Banking Institution :For Eg: ICICI Bank Loan a/c
Bank OD A/c ( Bank OCC A/c ) Bank OD /CC Accounts
Secured Loans Car loan Loans raised by collateral
Housing Loan A/c
Mortgage Loan Assets are pledged against loans
Secured Credit card A/c credit cards issued against fixed deposit
Unsecured Loans Students loan
Credit  Cards
Personal Loans
Miscellaneous Expense ( Asset) Pre- operative expense
Purchase Account All Purchase ledger created
Sales Account Sale Ledger
Scrap Sale Ledger Sale of Machinery or other Big assets attract GST. This can be accounted under sale account.
Suspense A/c Suspense A/c Any unknown payment received, any difference in cash balance could not figured out. Can put the balance under suspense until it is figured out.
Profit & Loss A/c Profit & loss account created automatically

This list is not comprehensive, You can suggest to add new items to the table.

You can download the list of ledgers and under group in pdf  for future reference

Download  List of ledgers and under group in pdf

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