How to upgrade Tally erp 9 to the latest versions

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Tally always make changes according to the law of the country and for making software better. Since the launching of software, Tally has made so many core software changes and released many versions. Recently India has introduced  GST,Since then tally is contentiously making changes to it’s software in order to make comply the software with the latest  gst rules. This is the reason why tally has outgrown in the accounting software industry.

How to upgrade to the latest version?

In the product information panel of tally erp, you will find a section called version & updates

Version & updates in info panel

In the panel you will see existing installed version & latest version available to download. click on the panel or use shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+T

You will get product and features screen.

product feature screenHere you can configure to get more available versions & installed tdl details by pressing F12 Configure.

configuration screen

If you configured like above, the product and features will display all available versions as shown below.

You can choose the latest one or previous one. Let’s choose the latest, click on the latest version.

Now press F6 Button or click on update button, tally will ask a confirmation to update and restart.

update yes or no

Click on Yes, Tally will start downloading required files from server and update automatically, then quit and restart automatically. Now you will see the version details as latest.

version details latest

Now you are up to date with latest version of tally.

Error while updating tally erp 9

You may be getting an like ‘Could not apply updates as one or more files is missing please update using installer ‘

errors updating

In such case you can make a retry to install updates, still not working you should update via tally erp 9 installer.

Updating tally erp 9 with installer

You can update tally using standalone installer  here is the step to upgrade.

  • Download tally installer from tally solution
  • double click the setup icon.
  • In the installation wizard click on upgrade.
  • Finally click done. The latest version will have installed on your computer.

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