Use of Mark changed Vouchers in tally erp 9,

Recently Tally ERP 9 has introduced a new feature called “Marked Voucher“.This is a tool for consultant or auditors to make changes in the books of their client and share the modified  or newly added vouchers to the client to merge with their original data they are working with at any point of time. It doesn’t matter that the client is continuously entering data with original copy of their data. Marked Vouchers are useful when You found some of the

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What is reversing Journal in tally erp 9? How to use it in tally?

Reversing journal is defined as those vouchers reversing automatically after a specified date.Reversing journal are created on a date and the affect of the voucher will remains till that date. These are vouchers that will not directly affect ledgers or financial report of the company, you can view the affect of these entries only if you included the entry in the report. This is very useful tool if you need to create interim reports like monthly ,quarterly or half yearly

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How to create point of sale ( POS) Invoice in tally erp 9.

Point of sale is the terminal where a sale transaction is completed, You might have noticed point of sale terminals in shopping malls ,electronic show room the cashier calculate the total amount due by the customer ,prepare invoice and accept payment via various payment methods like ,cheque ,Debit card, Credit card, Gift Vouchers. In POS, to calculate the bill amount the merchant uses various methods like weighing scales, bar-code scanners, cash registers electronics and manual etc. However bar code scanner

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How to view and restore cancelled voucher numbers in Tally ERP 9

You can view and restore a cancelled voucher numbers in tally erp 9. Remember you cannot restore a voucher which was cancelled. Restoring of cancelled voucher is possible only if you have the data back of tally erp 9. We can re-use the cancelled voucher if you wish, meaning a new voucher can be entered on the cancelled voucher number. we cannot restore the same voucher entry which was cancelled. Also read : How to restore deleted vouchers in tally erp 9. How to

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How to cancel a voucher in tally erp 9

In Tally ERP 9, We are able to delete a voucher in case we do not want that entry. There is a problem in deleting a voucher.Suppose the entry to be deleted is on back date and a lot of vouchers entered after that entry, The voucher number after deleting the entry will come down with one number. Why to cancelling voucher instead of deleting ? For example You have entered  vouchers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and you want to delete voucher number 7.In such case,after deleting

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Restore deleted vouchers/invoice ( recycle bin) in Tally ERP 9

Many tally users are seeking for recycle bin facility in tally erp 9 for recovering deleted vouchers and invoices.There is no inbuilt feature to recover deleted entries in tally erp 9. However a free add-on is created by Shweta Softwares ( updates : not working on latest versions ) .  Paid add-ons are available in tally shop. Let’s learn how to plug in this add-on to tally erp 9. This add-on is very useful when you accidentally delete a voucher or invoice. The

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How to change Voucher date and current Period In Tally ERP 9

To change the date of  Tally Voucher you have to do the following.Before we start,You should know Tally ERP 9 Educational version have some date restriction. You are allowed to make entries on 1st,2nd and last date of a month. The free version are for educational purpose and you have to buy a licensed version of Tally ERP 9 for enjoying full options and voucher entry on all date. How to change the date of a voucher in Tally erp 9

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