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Calculator in tally, how to activate& work with it?

There is an inbuilt calculator in tally, using which we can make calculation inside tally window. This will help you to increase the speed of work.

Activate calculator for calculation while voucher entry.

There are situations like calculate something in the middle of voucher entry, in such case what will you do?  How do you activate it?

How to activate calculator in tally?

To activate calculator, Use short cut key Ctrl+N from any screen in tally. The calculator screen will be activated at the bottom of the screen; this calculator will be useful for calculating Addition, subtraction, multiplication, deduction, percentage calculation etc

tally calculator

To go back to main screen (here voucher creation screen), Press Ctrl +M, The cursor will go back to voucher screen.

Keys Ctrl + M & Ctrl + N is the toggle between calculator and main screen

Calculate and paste the result in amount field in tally

Tally has a beautiful option of making calculation from calculator and when pressing enter key the result will be pasted in to the amount field.

See an example

Assume that you are in a receipt voucher screen, and you need a calculation to enter the amount, to do this Press Alt+C when you are at amount field


The calculator will activated at bottom


Make necessary calculations, and press enter key, the result will have applied to the amount filed automatically.


And finally i have created a video tutorial on how to use tally calculator, watch this and subscribe our channel

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