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Are you an accountant? or looking for a job in accounting , tally software knowledge is mandatory in today’s accounting environment in India. Most of the small scale,medium and large scale business became the user of tally erp 9 software,due its simplicity and wide range of reporting system. From our experience and learning we are creating tally guides or online classes  for students & professionals.

Tally stimulates your work, but you must be thorough with this simple and use friendly software. Nowadays There are so many free tally training resource online, Tallygame.com proved the best tally online training site or blog among them, and we wish to give all the Tally ERP 9 Tutorials for free to our readers . only thing you should do is, Visit our site and use & follow all our tally classes. just subscribe our news letter, we will deliver periodical updates directly in your inbox.

Basics Tutorials of Tally ERP 9

Here is the basic tally lessons we have published so far.

Tally ERP 9 Download ,Installation & license  guides

  • Download Tally erp 9 software

Nowadays, installing with the old CD Drive is outdated, you can download tally erp 9 sotware from tallysolutions.com . Recently tallysolution company has started to allow a 7 days free trail of the software for those who wants to test the power of tally. We have a detailed lesson on downloading of tally here.

  • Installation of Tally erp 9

This will guide you how to install tally erp 9 , there are two types of tally erp 9 are available for purchase and download.Silver edition; Single user for small businesses need tally software operated by a single user and Gold Edition for those who need to operated my multiple computers.

How to install tally erp 9 

  • Activation of Tally erp 9 license guide

After installation of tally erp 9, tally will work for you only in Educational mode,this is a restricted mode using which you can learn the operation of the software with limited capabilities. You are not allowed to use all dates in this mode. So for getting a fully functional tally you need to activate the software. This tutorial helps you to get a step by step process of activation.

Step by step Activation tutorial of tally erp 9 license

Basic operational guides of Tally erp 9

  • How to use tally erp 9

We have a detailed guide on how to use tally, elaborate the tally interface, navigation, the button panel, button types, other panel calculator, shortcut keys  are explained.

 How to use Tally ERP 9 

  • Company creation

Simple steps to create company and its required forms and fields are explained detailed for beginners. You can create multiple companies in tally erp 9.

How to create company

  • Load & shut company

This lesson will teach you how to load and close companies in tally.

How to load & shut company

  • Edit company

If you want some modification in existing company of tally erp 9, for example change of address phone number, can be done by using edit option of company info menu.

 How to edit a company

  • Delete Company

This post teaches you how to delete a company. Some times you may need to delete a company and all of its data.

How to delete a company

  • Calculator usage

In tally there is an inbuilt calculator, This guide tells you how to activate this calculator, operation of calculator & invoke  during voucher entry  etc.

How to use calculator in Tally.

Master Related tutorials & guides

For data entry or entering transactions into tally , we need to create masters. Master refers to the Ledger, Groups, stock item, group categories etc.Tally comes with two ledgers and 32 groups by default.

Ledger groups create ,edit ,view, delete lessons

  • Single Ledger group creation alter & delete.

Ledger group creations are explained, The ledger group concept.Groups can be created single mode and Multiple mode. This is an individual mode or single mode.

How to create group, edit group, delete group

  • Ledger group multiple mode

Creation of ledger group in multiple mode. Groups is used to classify the ledgers.

 How to create multiple group

  • Alteration of Ledger Group

Guide on how to view and edit already created ledger group.

How to View edit groups 

  • Group Deletion

This session tells you how to delete an account group

How to delete a group

Leger Related Tally ERP 9 Tutorials 

For voucher entry it is necessary to create ledgers, these sessions teach you the ledger creation in single & multiple mode and its alteration and deletion.

  • List of ledgers and it’s under group guide

You can use this  list while creating ledgers in tally erp 9, These are carefully drafted ledgers list and its under group can be used by all types of organisations using tally software.

List of Ledgers required for a company

  • Ledger creation multi mode

If you are working for a large organisation and want to create large number of ledgers, this mode is helpful.By using Multiple mode ledger creation screen we can create multiple ledger at a single place.

How to create multiple ledger

  • Ledger in single mode

Learn how to create ledger in single mode , it’s alteration, deletion of ledger

Creation ,edit,view,delete ledger in single mode

  • Purchase & sales ledger 

Sales ledger and purchase ledger are the most important ledgers. In this lesson you will learn creating both.

create Purchase Ledger & Sales Ledger

  • Income & Expense Ledger 

Tutorial for creating Income & Expense Ledger. for making the entry of income and expense transactions.

 Creating Expense and Income Ledgers

  • Creating Customers & supplier ledgers

You can learn how to create sundry debtors & creditors ledger for entering purchase and sale transactions. For GST compliance also covered.

Sundry Debtors & Sundry creditors ledger

  • Secondary Ledger Creation

Secondary ledger creation is accessing  the ledger creation screen during voucher entry. ALT+C is the only way to access the secondary ledger creation screen. This guide will tell you this in detail.

Secondary Ledger creation 

Tally ERP 9 lesson related to voucher entry

Voucher entry is the most important part of tally accounting.Recording of daily transactions helps to create reports in tally like ledger report, TB,P&L Balance sheet etc. Tally has a series of voucher entry forms related to accounting & inventory. Here is the list of all voucher entry related topics and lessons.

  • Voucher entry tips 

For quick data entry in tally we have created a lesson on tips to  speed up voucher .This is a guide will help you to make voucher entry quickly, Implementing those tips in your work will make you a super user of Tally ERP 9. An can finish your work before you leave office.

 Tips for faster data entry

  • Enter transactions in tally erp 9

We have created a lesson on voucher entry in tally, this tutorial is aiming for basic voucher entry step by step.

 How to enter vouchers in tally?

Some Narration tips

Every voucher entry form has a field called narration, For entering voucher entry in this field there are some shortcuts for repeating narration, copying narration,line break in the typing fieldcetc. This class will tell you narration tips.

Narration tips & tricks

  • Compound voucher entry & Narration for each entry

Compound voucher entry meaning more than one transactions with similar nature in a single voucher, these types of voucher entry may require narration for each transaction. This guide will teach you both.

Compound voucher & narration for each entry

  • Deletion & Editing of voucher entry

It is sure that you must edit some of the entry for some reasons.Here in this lesson you will learn editing and deletion of vouchers.

How to edit & Delete voucher

  • Voucher in Single entry & Double Entry

There are two types of voucher entry in tally. Single entry is the best method of entry for those who are non-accounting operator. Double entry is the another method of voucher entry both of the methods are taught here.

Voucher Single Entry & Double Entry Mode

  • Sales voucher entry in tally

Learn How to enter sales voucher in tally, basics entry to advanced GST sale entry are explained. There are options available like Invoice mode and Voucher mode & Accounting voucher and item invoices.

How to enter sales voucher in tally ?

  • Purchase Voucher entry 

Post about purchase voucher entry, Purchase voucher modes, item invoice, service invoice are explained

How to enter purchase voucher in tally ?

  • Receipt voucher in tally

Receipt voucher are important voucher , when you receives a cheque or customer make payment against sale, you should need receipt voucher, This guide will guide you to enter receipt.

How to enter receipt 

  • Payment Voucher

When a business makes payment, payment voucher is the tool to record such transactions. You can learn input payment transactions whether it is a bank payment or cash payment.

Payment voucher in tally

  • Cash payment voucher

We have created a separate tutorial for cash payments

  • Contra voucher in tally

Contra voucher is a special voucher for entering cash & bank transaction. This type of voucher is used to record internal movement of funds.

How to enter contra voucher in tally

  • Journal voucher in tally

To enter journal voucher there is a special voucher type called journal. Not all types of transactions can be entered through journal vouchers, certain adjustment entries are passed through journal a complete guide of using journal voucher in tally are explained.

Prepare journal voucher in tally

  • Debit note voucher 

Debit notes are used when you want to debit customer account. When a purchase return is happened,we shall raise a debit note and issued to the supplier. This is clearly explained in this online tutorial.

How to enter debit note in tally

  • Credit note voucher

When a sales return is happened you should credit the party with the value of return. You can learn creating credit note with GST in this guide.

How to create Credit note in tally

We will be updating this post with more tally erp 9 tutorials, guides and lessons.

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  • Swetal

    Hi, I want to know Fixed Deposit (Bank) entry in Tally ERP 9
    Which voucher type used for this.

    Suppose I have two FD in SBI
    Then what will be voucher entry

    • Saju

      Hello swetal

      Create an FD account under DEPOSIT ( Asset) , Use Payment voucher F5
      Then, If you are depositing money from cash in hand the entry will be ,

      FD in SBI A/c ………..Dr 10000

      To ; Cash…..Cr 10000.00

      If you are transferring money form your bank account , assume that you are transfering money from SBI a/c no 651 the entry will be

      FD in SBI A/c …………..Dr 10000.00

      To SBI A/c no 651 …Cr 10000.00

      Hope the above is clear please feel free to ask any further doubts

      • Swetal

        Thank u

        Other question is which voucher entry for Interest Received on FD of Bank

        • Jayesh

          At the end of the financial year you pay interest to party means Cr- bank and Dr- party. (Rule- Dr receiver and Cr- giver)
          When you pay interest to party- the principle amount is also reduced.
          To compensate that we need to add interest amount to Principle by JV and then pay same amount by payment voucher entry.
          So Dr- Interest expenses and Cr- Party This way we add interest amount to party. (Rule- Expenses are always Dr and income/gains are always Cr)
          Now we pay party by chq so Cr- Bank and Dr Party
          Final out come is as under
          Dr- Int expenses & Cr- Partry (Always expenses are Dr)
          Dr- Party and cr- Bank acct. (Rule- Dr receiver Cr- giver)

        • Jayesh

          One can learn Accounting concepts from here
          I do not have basic commerce qualification and though I learned everything from here


          • Mamtha

            Big Thanks, Jayesh, I got alot of information from this website .The study material from this website was really useful

  • vulupala saireddy

    I would like to learn tally full version morning classes near amber pet Hyderabad area so pls help me

  • kaka

    sir my business is manaficturing type. we sold raw miterial and then prepare finishing good.so how i will adjust my inventory.sir i learn a lot. thanks i will stay for reply.

    • Saju

      this cannot be explained in this comment, i will prepare a post soon. however i will tell a brief tutorial. inventory info, go to voucher type and create manufacturing voucher under stock journal and set option ” use as a manufacturer journal” set this option to Yes.

      then go to inventory vouchers, Alt +F7, at the top select finished goods , under components, select raw materials

      • kaka

        sir my business is manaficturing type. we sold raw miterial and then prepare finishing good.so how i will adjust my inventory. sir please prepare post.I will better understand.

      • iam sudheesh ,iam working in manufacturing concern in uae. matly in bakery i have a doubt ie we have a product that is cakes. one packet include 6 pieses of cakes ,cost is 3 Dhirhams per packet that is .50 fill per cake pieses .we are selling only packets.we can not sale complete packet it will be retturn back in pieses.may be 1 or two pieses(.50 fills) that cake pieses is damages we are not using it further production.
        when it sold iam entering in sales journal in packets is 3 DHS,but how can i enter product retturn entry?

  • helper tally 9

    In this website you can learn easily tally 9

  • Sandhya


    I am a beginner in tally. In our office we are maintaining inventory also.
    But the closing stock is valued in the purchase value and not the sale value. Why is it so?? what should i do to maintain it in sale value.

  • sheelamohan

    I would like to know that how to pass entry in tally- eg: end of the year data i have split through tally 2012 to 2013. But my problem, is that i did not see reconciled entries for December 2012 entries in 2013. how to check. is it necessary to pass JV in the new year. of it comes automatically.

  • raja

    can i learn tally online

  • durga rao

    sir i want how to getting started in restaurant accounts in tally

  • pradeep

    i want to security control using in tally erp9 supervisors only view data.
    but not to edit in tally functionality . how can i will choose in tally.

  • raj

    i need a tally tutorial

  • samir


    how can i entered exise duty or sales tax when i purchase or sell anything pls tell me step by step. if possible give me the screenshot

  • dear sir,
    we are a security service provider. we provide security service to our client with security guards.
    How do we make accounting with tally. how do we make or bill entry in tally. and ho do we make an entry of payment received against our bills.
    please help me.

  • Madhu


    I wanted to know few things in tally.
    1. There is once firm, in there business they will sell few items by collecting deposits from customer. (While purchasing also they will give deposits to that company). The deposit is refundable without any interest. My question is how to enter this details in tally.
    It will be good if u mail me the answer.

  • rajendra pal

    iwant to create single leadger

  • Duraisamy K

    Hello, I have done part of the work ie April to June in one system and Aug to Nov in another system. Pl help to combine these two entries in one system and the way to do this.

  • Vallihari

    I want to learn tally from the basic , pls give me free course .
    Thank you

  • dharmesh

    Sir, i have construction company then let assume that raw-materials are coming in godown but we are not selling it but we are using for construction of building how to adjust godown. eg:-i have purchased 10 bags of cement and in that i have used 5 for construction how to do that entry

  • imtiaz ahmed

    Can some one help me. I am using Tally ERP 9. we are interested in the inventory part only. Stock balances and price list.
    Please help

  • renu

    we are an import export company.We import fabrics and make catalogues of these fabrics and sell.our each catalogues contains 30-40 different fabric codes. to make catalogues we need to cut 2 mtrs of each code. My query is how to make this entry as it is not a sale. this is an expense for us.

  • umar

    i want to know how can i start up with tally

  • chandrajit

    i want to know tally

  • shah shreyas

    i want to know about erurn of vat, TDS, service tax and excise

  • susai

    i wanted to learn free tally cource

  • anthony

    would like to learn tally from you

  • Sudeep Das

    i want to learn Tally accounting

  • dilip das

    I want to know free tally cource

  • sudhakar

    teach me tally 9 in easy wave

    thank you

  • rintoo

    i want to know how can i start up with tallyi want to know about erurn of vat, TDS, service tax and excise.

  • sony matta

    I would like to know about the contents of the course


    I am ready to teach tally in online. I had well experience in teaching accounting and also well versed in using Tally software.

    If you are considering for teaching that will be useful for you.



    • sasi


      I am working with a manufacturing concern, and having doubts as below.
      1. Is it possible to allocate direct expenses like wages, electricity etc to inventory value?
      2. the consumption of raw materials in kgs, and production also in kilograms.
      3. is the correct method of accounting in manufacturing concern is to allocate direct expenses to inventory and thus increasing the closing stock value, thus increasing gross profit, or to show direct expenses separately which will decrease closing stock value result in loss.

      please give me correct solution

  • appiah asante

    am new on this tally software so i need to start from the scratch. will you be able to help me?


    i wanted to learn free tally cource

  • ashwath

    am bcom graduate.i wanna to learning free Erp 9 course through online

  • Dear All
    How can Remove Comma from Numbers ?
    Means : if Numbers Like that : 25,589,581.20
    I need it like this : 25589581.20

    • If you want to remove it from excel then , use find and replace option, in find put a comma and in replace put nothing , hope this helps

  • mitesh

    i wanted to learn tally.erp9…….

  • bina sharma

    i want to learn free tally full curse can u help me ?

  • nishanth

    please contact me by email i have 3 yrs teaching exp in tally

  • bhagyalakshmi

    i want to learn tally online if any

  • anil mallojwar

    i want to learn tally so please help me

    • Saju

      Dean Anil mallojwar,
      we start inventory lesson immediately. please ask any specific area you need assistance right now

      • Irfan Sheikh

        Hi Saju,
        I am Irfan Shiekh from Pakistan, I need your help in setting up Inventory Items in Tally Accounting Software. Can you help me.

        • Saju

          hi irfan sheikh
          definitely I will, tell me your requirments

          • hussain

            i want to know entries for and where to open initially.
            1. interest accrued on fd.
            2. tds from clients.

      • Nafisa Vora

        Want to learn tally basics from 1st step. Will you able to help me ?

  • Thank you so much,
    you have given great knowledge
    I am proud of you
    Thank you….

  • Dear Shaju sir
    Please provide me complete information about tally entries in both accounts and inventories in gst.
    Thanking you
    With regards
    Pradeep kumar
    Mob no 8999135399


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