Narration in tally, tips and tricks

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You might be thinking what is more there to tell about tally narration?  There are some tricks you might miss to notice. Each and every voucher type like sales, purchase, payment, receipt etc contain a text entering field called narration area, where you can type anything using keyboard.

Let’s learn some of the tips and tricks and short cuts of narrations in tally

Tally ERP9 and tally 9 allow us to enter up to 251 characters in narration field, I didn’t check it with tally older versions, once I checked will update here.

How to copy and paste narration from tally

To copy a narration from one voucher entry to another, go to the voucher in which the existing narration should be copied, the cursor must be on narration field ,  press Alt+Ctrl+C  at a time,  the narration will have copied


You should press Alt+Ctrl+V to the narration field of another voucher to paste the narration copied. One you copy the narration it will place the clipboard of windows, you can even paste the narration to another programs like Ms Word, excel, notepad etc.

paste narration in tally

These are similar to commands used in Ms Word and excel (only difference is that use an extra key Alt with Ctrl +C and Ctrl+V)

Repeat the narration in different voucher types in tally. (Alt+R)

We can repeat the last narration saved for the first ledger in the voucher in different voucher types

Use Short cut key Alt + R to perform this

This repetition is ledger specific and not voucher specific.

Here is an example

Transaction 1 : Communication expense paid    Rs 5000.00

The voucher entry and narration will be as follows.


Assume that that next voucher is a receipt voucher, and we want the narration of first  transaction in to this voucher also

Repeat the narration in next voucher

Transaction 2: Excess communication expense collected from staff Rs 1200.00

When you are in narration field press Alt + R,


The narration used in the first voucher will be repeated, the reason is that the ledger used in both the vouchers are Communication expense. So Alt+R is ledger specific repetition, not voucher specific repetition.

Recall narration entered in same voucher type (Ctrl+R)

To repeat the narration used in specific voucher type, Use Ctrl+R  Short cut key. To repeat the narration of last used sales voucher to current sales voucher you can use this shortcut.


Voucher No1:   Goods sold to shine Apparel, (Note the narration for this voucher)


Now listen the second voucher.

Transaction No 2: Goods sold to Asia pacific

To repeat the narration of the first voucher Press Ctrl + R, when you are in the narration field


This is because in both examples we used sales voucher, Ctrl + R is used to repeat the voucher specific narration.Narrations of same kind of voucher type can be repeated using this shortcut.

Hope you understand the narration recalling or repeating, any doubt use our comment section.

How to insert a line break in tally narration?

While typing in a word processor like MS word, by pressing enter, we can move on to the next line, but how this can be possible in tally? If you press enter from narration field, the cursor leaves the narration area and will move to next field in tally.

To get a line break in narration press Ctrl + Enter, i.e.  hold Ctrl key and press Enter Key

Line-break-in-tally-narration Please note that this feature will work only from Tally ERP9

If you know any further tricks and tips with tally narration let me know through email or comment section, I will update it here with full credit to you.


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