How to enter vouchers in Tally ERP 9?

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In this chapter we will study how to enter voucher in Tally ERP 9.To pass entries in Tally it is not even necessary to know the basic accounting principles. The software has developed such a way that a non commerce students and professional can use it.Tally has many voucher types for entering transactions .They are classified into three based on its nature.Here is the types and some of its examples.

  1. Accounting Voucher: – Payment ,Receipt,Contra,Sales,Purchase
  2. Non Accounting Vouchers: – Memorandum voucher,Optional Voucher,Reversing Journal ,Post-dated vouchers.
  3. Inventory Vouchers: – Purchase order, Sales order,Receipt Note,Delivery Note.

These classification helps to enter vouchers by any users without further mistakes. Most of the vouchers name says why it is used for. For entering a receipt you need not know the debit aspects and credit aspects of transactions..The magic of tally is that the entry will get posted into ledgers as you enter transactions.

The appearance of a Tally Voucher

The voucher entry screen has divided into three.

  1. Main Area: This is the area where you are input the transactions details like,ledgers,amount,narration.
  2. Button Bar: The area with various buttons available to change different voucher types like receipt,purchase & configuration button etc.
  3. Calculator: Calculator in tally  is invisible in voucher entry screen,You can activate it by pressing Ctrl+M & to go back to main area Ctrl+N.
  4. Close button: to close the voucher entry screen and go back to Main menu gateway.

Voucher Physical appearance

Payment transaction as an example for voucher entry.

We can consider some payment voucher to strat with.Payment vouchers are used to enter payment transactions or expense.  For example traveling expense, Rent, staff welfare expense, loading and unloading expense, clearing expense and many more

Consider the following transaction for voucher entry

Sr .No Transactions details Date Amount
1 Stationery expense paid 01/09/2012 2200
2 Tea expense paid 05/09/2012 1500
3 Courier charge paid 07/09/2012 3500

Initial Requirements for voucher entry

We need the following ledgers to be created before starting voucher entry.

  1. Printing & Stationery
  2. Tea expense
  3. Postage & Courier charges
  4. Cash Account

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How to access a voucher?

The next step is how to access a voucher in tally software.

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  • To access an accounting  voucher, You have to go through this way

Gateway of Tally>>Accounting Vouchers

  • For Inventory voucher go to

Gateway of Tally>Inventory Vouchers

  • To get Order Vouchers go to

Gateway of Tally>Order Vouchers

Tally opens last used voucher while accessing the the voucher screen.You have to choose the one you need using buttons, or shot cut keys.

Here is the graphical representation of accessing payment voucher

How to get payment voucher

You can use Hot key pressed from key board V   then F5 .Now you are in payment voucher screen.

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Payment voucher

How to change the date of the voucher?

Tally display the date pf last entry in any of its voucher screen.You have to change date  by pressing F2 Short cut key or by clicking date button at the top right  of the screen.

A new field of voucher date will pop upvoucher date

Change the date to voucher date of the example here 01/09/2012

chnaged voucher date screen

Press enter to accept and save the new date

Now at the top of the screen you can see the voucher name and voucher number


Payment No: 1 : The voucher name is payment and the voucher number is 1. This number will automatically change to the next number as you keep entering vouchers.

Account:  The name of account to be credited in case of a payment voucher,Debited in case of a receipt voucher. In our cash we are paying cash.If you are giving a cheque you have to select bank account here.  Press enter

Cur Bal :Here the current balance of selected account will be displayed. If there is 5500 balance in cash account this balance will be shown as  Cur Bal : 5500

particulars: Type the ledger name under which we are paying money for, here it is printing& stationary.

Amount: Enter the amount of payment.

The total balance of Printing and stationary will be displayed under Cur Bal: 2200.00 Dr.Dr Here means debit balance

Press enter, the next field is narration, where you can type all the details of transactions including bill no and other details, here you can enter whatever details you want. A typical narration is below

narration in tally

Now press enter the final screen will be as follows.

  • The screen will ask Accept, Yes or NO
  • If you accept Press enter ,click on Yes, to save the screen.

If you need some correction at this stage press Back space from Keyboard, make changes and press enter until it saves.

You can ask any doubts through our comment section.If you like us please help us to spread the world by sharing our articles.



  • ola

    please i have problem with the date in tally, it seems the configuration of period ended during company creation is affecting the date setting in the voucher entry

    • Saju


      Your question is not giving me a clear picture of the problem. Please provide further details. You cannot enter voucher above or below the current period .

      • suresh savant

        shiva paid his balance and receipt gave him Rs.15000. and I deposited in a bank and i NEFT sent to Rajiv Rs. 5000. and DD sent to Ramkumar Rs. 8000. How to voucher create in tally?

        • Saju

          Dear mr suresh savant, hope the below reply will help you
          1.“ shiva paid his balance and receipt gave him Rs.15000.
          the journal entry will be

          Cash A/c …………..Dr 150000
          To Shiva 15000.00
          In tally go to accounting voucher, Press F6 to access receipt voucher,
          Then debit cash at top of the screen and credit party name in the middle of the screen
          For more details

          2. I deposited in a bank
          The journal entry is

          Bank ………………..a/c dr 15000.00
          To cash 15000.00

          In tally, from accounting voucher screen press F4 to access contra voucher.
          Enter bank name at the top (debit), then in the bottom enter cash for more details go here
          3. i NEFT sent to Rajiv Rs. 5000.
          The journal entry is
          Rajiv ……….dr 5000.00
          Bank …………..a/c 5000.00
          Go to tally voucher screen, then access Payment voucher screen by pressing F5 button,
          In the top, credit t bank a/c , and debit party in the bottom area of the screen. For more details go here

          4. DD sent to Ramkumar Rs. 8000/-
          DD sending is similar process of neft so repeat the same thing described above, the journal entry is

          Ramkumar ……………………….Dr 8000.00
          To Bank 8000.00
          In tally go to payment voucher, debit Ramkumar and credit bank account using F5 payment voucher screen.

          Thank you. for any further clarification pleases reply.

          • suresh

            THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

          • prakash

            sir,how can I keep discount in purchase voucher in tally erp.

            • Sanju Baba

              Go to gateway of tally – Accounting voucher F11+F1,
              Discount option -YEs
              then entry purchase & Sale voucher Automatic show.
              Thanks you

      • pavan`

        how to entry in food expenses,how to create in ledger in food expenses

  • Pravan

    Sir I want manual entry of receipt voucher number.

    • Saju

      Go to Accounts info>>Voucher type>>Alter
      select receipt , in the alteration screen locate method of voucher numbering , select manual from the list and save the screen. now the voucher number field is active and you can type manually

  • mamta


  • In a tally 9 voucher, just after the date entry, there is a column ” used for” . Where and how to use it ?

  • Sanjeet

    dear sir

    in my tally program i try to entry in payment voucher but there there do not have account option but there comes dr. or cr. option

  • Suma

    How to change Voucher numbers for Payment .
    Ex for 2011-12 Payment No Starts with 1 and ends with 530.For Next Year it should start with 1 not 531.

  • rabin

    sir how can i entry income with expense in recipt voucher.

  • srinivas

    sir , I purchase goods from X on cash or credit. and supply them to hostels and submit those invoices to Manager and he will pay the amount whetever the goods supplied to hostels. now how to create vouchers and entries? please sir.

  • Piya Sharma

    On 1/4/2012 Rs. 250000 by syndicate bank cheque no. 123456 and Rs. 10000 by cash received towards capital. How to enter this answer in Receipt voucher (f6).????

  • Joyes

    Dear Sir

    How to account non receipt of courier charges (included in sales Invoice) in tally.

  • Satya padhy

    In case of credit purchase of stationary from Ram . What will be the entry and how to record that????

  • sureshkumarreddy

    when we entry the vouchers and we can check in display -daybook

    but how to check the voucher what we have entered roung or right.

    i am a bsc student but i am working now in tally job.

    plz sir.


    how to know the accounts

    i am non background student

  • Sreekumar Sivan


    We are into repackaging of food products.Please let me know if there a solution in tally for the below mentioned activity.

    Consider this as an example

    I am purchasing 50 kg of wheat,suger,cardomom etc and packing and marketing it as a single product called Jamoon mix.

    I am taking 35 KG of these products to produce 100 packets of Jamoon Mix.Now I am selling 100 packets of Jamoon Mix insted of Wheat, Suger, Cardomom etc.

    1.How should I reflect this transaction in Tally as I am purchasing Wheat,Suger,Cardomom etc and selling Jamoon Mix.
    2.How should I maintain stock.

    Hope you will be able to help me.


    • amol sirsat

      yes, it is possible in tally erp9.with the help manufacturing voucher.

  • gaurav

    I had a query I am working in Event Company As Accountant ..
    So all Office use expenses will go under indirect expenses
    we have booked a hotel room for our guest …then it will go
    under purchased hotel will be sundry creditor am i rte

  • Raju


    our company providing a hostel services in Bangalore, head office is Hyderabad.

    In this services Bangalore electricity bills are refundable……..we sent actual bill (sales invoice) to Bangalore on this bill(sales invoice) basis they send payment by cheque.

    how to do this transaction entry in Tally….

  • Srividya

    How i change, Voucher Number, But Which side i think Sir, u don’t know, I want change No. Beside Payment column, Seen No., those number i want to change on payment voucher, actually i want Purchase Invoice No & Payment number both are same, that i want, actually i forget, totally jumbled on my mind please help me.

  • Hi sir,

    My name is vinod. I just joined one new company. I am graduate. I am fresher in tally erp 9. My manager had given me bank account statements and told me to enter into tally. So can you help me where should i start?

  • durgesh mishra

    I want to know the list of TDS % to deducted on various heads & vat taxes charged on various items Ex: Wood, Steel etc., on which website will i get all these details.

  • archana

    we having business of bricqetts supply to different companys so pl give me solution of tally entries with legder creation in tally gold

  • charan

    pls tell me if company purchase goods for office use like computer furniture etc.. in which vouchers we enter the entryy

    • Christy Manuel

      When a fixed asset is purchased on credit it is recorded in the F7 journal

  • Annet

    Tally 9 is not allowing me to enter ledger accounts for Payments / Receipts / Contra entries. It is not responding to any letters i input and the list of ledger accounts is failing to appear when i create voucher entries. However, this is working for Journal Entries.

    Please advise?

  • amol sirsat

    how can i create the ledger for contract basis employee?
    is it in indirect expenses or any other
    plzz help me

  • norbert

    please how do I view previous payment enyry I saved?

  • norbert

    please am finding it difficult to locate saved receipt and payment i saved using the software, please where do I go in order to see the saved entry? thank you. please help me out

    • Saju

      You can find it in day book, ledger etc, press DD ( Display>>Daybook ) from gateway of tally and press f2 to select the date you will find it in daybook

  • Franklin Ramesh

    Would I Know how to hotel room sales entered in tally erp 9 ?

    Please discribe.

  • K.R.Shankar

    I have problem in a jewellery project in tallyerp9.I am not able to tally trial balance in tallyerp9 please give some detailed notes on vat and cs in the latest version of tally there is no input vat or output vat give some examples of jewellery related journal entries voucher entries and reports in tallyerp9

  • mukesh pal

    after posting all the transaction i got a difference in the opening balances in the liabilities side . is my total of balance sheet correct?

  • himanshu tiwari

    iam trying to make an sales invoice voucher but when i want to save it it never saved plzz tell me why its happn

  • pritha

    How can i entry discount in tally erp 9 ?? Please sir give me details….

  • harish

    in restaurant how to account daily food sales in tally


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