How to use memorandum vouchers in Tally ERP 9?

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Memorandum voucher is a special voucher. It is used in special cases where you want to record a specific transactions but does not actually required to affect books of account or cash book or balance of any ledger. If there is no clarity of transactions while it happening you can make entry in memorandum vouchers .Can Edit it later when details are available.

There are many such cases in our routine work.

Examples of Memorandum Vouchers

02-04-2016 Sending office boy with Rs 5000 for purchasing of stationery. But don’t know the exact cost or bill amount till he is back.
02-04-2016 Customer made payment of 4000 against 7500 bill and informed balance 3500 will be given in the evening.  Normally we expect to receive balance in the evening and can settle full amount. Still not sure whether, he will come back or not for making balance payment.

In such situations we can record transactions in memorandum voucher. Or in other words memorandum voucher used to record suspense payments, receipt, sales, purchase etc.

You can view all transactions recorded in the Memorandum Register or in Daybook. Later you can convert memo vouchers into regular vouchers.

How to activate Memorandum vouchers in Tally ERP 9

To activate memorandum voucher, go to

F11 Features >Accounting features

Activate option

Use reversing journals and optional vouchers: Yes

Activate use reversing journal and optional vouchers

How to make memorandum voucher entry

Let’s enter the above two examples in the optional vouchers. Check the opening balance of each ledger before making memorandum entry. Assume the following is the opening balance.

  • Cash – 21300
  • Printing & Stationery – Nil
  • Customer A – 7500

Now memorandum transaction

Gateway of Tally>Accounting Vouchers

In the voucher entry screen click on Memos button as in the image below or you can use shortcut Key Ctrl+F10.

Memorandum button

  • Date: Enter date by pressing F2
  • Under Particulars
  • By: Enter the debit aspect, here printing & stationery
  • To: Credit aspect, here cash account.
  • Enter narration if required.

Memorandum voucher for cash payment

In the same manner let’s enter receipt in the memorandum voucher, the screen shot will look like this image.

Memorandum Voucher for cash receipt

You can also enter memorandum vouchers for sales transactions; purchase transactions all other kinds of transactions.

Memorandum voucher register

To view all memo vouchers, you have to go the memorandum voucher register.

Gateway of Tally> Display>EXception Reports>Memorandum Vouchers

You will get month wise summary.

Memorandum Register

Press enter on a line of month; you will get a detailed report.

List od all memorandum vouchers in memorandum register


You can view the memorandum vouchers in the daybook also

Gateway of Tally> Display>Daybook

Memorandum vouchers in Daybook

Check the balance of all ledgers mentioned above.There will not be any changes.This means that memo vouchers will not affects books of accounts.

How to convert Memorandum vouchers to regular vouchers.

Go to Memorandum register or day book;.Lets convert the first memo voucher of stationery purchase.

Office boy came back with stationery; the total bill amount is 4235.00

Select the memorandum voucher in which you entered suspense amount.

Select memorandum voucher

Press enter, memorandum voucher will open. Normally when we purchase stationery on cash, we enter it in payment voucher. Click on payment button provided at memorandum alteration screen.

memo voucher to regular voucher

The voucher will converted as payment voucher with same entry.

Memo to payment voucher

Save the screen by pressing Ctrl + A or by pressing enter key.Now the entry will have posted in respective accounts.


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