Optional Voucher in Tally ERP 9

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Optional voucher is not a voucher type rather it is an option available in every regular voucher type like Contra,Payment, Receipt,Journal,Sales & Purchase etc.  You can convert every regular entry into optional. The option is available for inventory vouchers also. As the name says this option makes your voucher optional.You may convert it to a regular voucher or may not.

By marking a voucher Optional, the voucher does not get posted anywhere but remains in the Optional Voucher Register. This will not reflect in your books of accounts.

  • Optional voucher is used to record incomplete transactions. Just like payment which are under approval of management.
  • To create a proforma invoice before raising actual invoice.
  • To create projected profit and loss account and balance sheet.
  • To create a provisional profit and loss account and balance sheet optional voucher is used.

How to create a Optional Voucher?

Let’s create it with an example.

ABC Ltd wants to raise a sale invoice to customer A on credit, The billing clerk billed it but later for some reasons the giving of credit to the particular customer is blocked my the authorities and they need Head office approval for the same. And informed customer that approval may take one day as the request was forwarded to the HO.

In such case the raised bill can be made optional instead of deleting it, After getting the approval from HO,the voucher can be made regular voucher. If the request rejected we can delete such optional voucher.

Activate Optional Voucher in Tally ERP 9?

To activate optional voucher in Tally ERP 9,go to

F11 Features>Accounting Features

Use reversing journals and optional vouchers :Yes

Use reversing journals and optional vouchers

How to create optional voucher?

You can make any existing voucher or new voucher as optional. Here lets make a sale invoice optional.

Optional button in Sale voucher in Tally ERP 9

Click on Optional Button or Use short cut key Ctrl+L. the voucher will be converted to Optional voucher.

sales optional voucher

You can see an optional band on the forehead of the voucher,Now save the voucher.

Does Optional voucher reflect in books of account?

To check this, shall we open the party account on the date of voucher entry? The ledger for the period shows zero balance. So no where affected by this entry.

Sharma Ledger Account to check the balance

Viewing optional voucher register

To view all vouchers together we have a register called optional voucher register.To access this register go to.

Display>Exception Reports>Optional Vouchers

In the register you will find all optional vouchers as shown in the below image.

Optional voucher register

You can see optional vouchers in Daybook also.

How to convert optional vouchers to regular?

To convert optional vouchers to a regular voucher go to optional voucher register as mentioned above and open the voucher you want to convert as regular.

Click Regular button or use short cut key Ctrl+L,The optional band will be removed.

Note: When you are converting a voucher to optional, the following voucher number will be same as optional voucher,When you are converting to a regular voucher the following voucher number will changed to the next number.

Delete an optional Voucher

To delete ,

Access from day book, or optional register ,Click on the particular voucher ,Then Press Alt + D.

Hope you got idea about optional voucher ,why is it voucher is used? Please respond through our comment section for any query.

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