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How to Prepare Purchase Order In Tally ERP 9

Let’s learn purchase order in Tally ERP 9.Purchase order is a document issued by the buyer to the seller informing or placing his order . It is popularly abbreviated as PO.Normally a PO contains the following information to communicate with seller for better order processing.

  1. date and PO Number
  2. Name & address of the vendor or supplier
  3. Shipping & delivery address
  4. No of quantity required.
  5. Unit price and total.
  6. Shipping Method
  7. Delivery date
  8. Other shipping terms.

In Large companies PO is issued by Store Keeper when a raw material or a products reaches re-order lever.

Activate Purchase order process in Tally ERP 9

To activate PO go to

Gateway of Tally>F11 Features >F2 Inventory features.

In the Inventory features screen locate the option “Allow purchase order processing“.Activate allow purchase order processingPress enter to accept and save the features.

Purchase order Example.

Before preparing a PO it is advisable to get a quotation from the suppliers in order to know the price.While preparing a PO it is essential that you should enter the rate of each item.


ABC Ltd is the Electrical goods dealer. and want to order the following items from RC Electrical a Whole seller on 01-07-2016 .

  • Electric Iron  1000    Nos   @ 1200/ pcs   Total =  1200000.00  500 nos delivered in 02-07-2016 balance 500 on 31-07-2016
  • Electric Stove 1000   Nos   @ 4500/pcs    Total =  4500000.00 delivered on 31-07-2016
  • Electric Toaster 500 Nos   @   750/pcs    Total =     375000.00  delivered on 31-07-2016

The goods shall be transported through Lorry.

We need the following Ledgers & stock items .

  • Ledger:  RC Electricals – Under Sundry creditors

Learn How to create Sundry creditors ledger

  • Stock item: Electric Iron, Electric Stove, Electric Toaster

Learn How to create stock items

How to enter Purchase order in Tally ERP 9

To Enter PO in Tally ERP 9 go to

Gateway of Tally>OrdEr Vouchers 

Order Vouchers Menu

In order Vouchers Click on Purchase Order button. OR use shortcut key Alt + F4. Now you are in PO Voucher. The same vouchers can be accessed through following way also

Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers > Ctrl+F2 > F4: Purc. Order

The PO Voucher look like this.

Purchase order voucher

Let’s enter the above example in the PO Voucher.

  • Change the date of Voucher using F2 Function Key or Click on Date button.
  • Party A/c Name: Select the Suppliers name from the list.In our case RC electrical,Press enter .

Suppliers Details screen will appear.Enter all information

Suppliers details

  • Order  No: Enter the PO Number if any other than voucher number.
  • Purchase Ledger: Select the purchase ledger where you are going to account after delivery.
  • Name of Item: Select the name of stock item to be ordered,Here first item is electric Iron.

Item allocation for the particular stock item will appear.Enter the

Due date: When the item is required to be delivered. Suppose in 1000 nos Electic iron 500 nos required on 02-07-2016 and balance 500 nos on 31-07-2016 then enter the details as follows.

Enter Quantity ,Rate in the respective columns.

Item allocation in stock item

Save by pressing enter key.

Enter  other two products also in the voucher as required.The screen will look like this.

Purchase order in Tally ERP 9

Press enter to accept and save the PO voucher in Tally.

How to print

Access voucher in alteration mode.You can access PO vouchers through.

Display>Inventory Books>Purchase Order Book.

Select the PO you want to print. At the top of the voucher you will see a print button.Or hit Alt + P in your key board.

Purchase order print button

The print dialogue box will appear, you can select printer, preview ,No of copies to be printed ,Print format using the button provided at the right side of the screen.

Print dialogue box

Click on Yes or press enter to print.

How to Export

You can export PO in PDF ,JPEG,EXCEL,HTML,XML & ASCII Formats. to do this click on export button right after the print button.Voucher export screen appear.Press back space to select the format,export location, page size etc

Export voucher screen

Select required options and press enter. The voucher will have exported in the location specified.

The exported PO in jpeg look like below.

Purchase order format

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