Voucher entry in single and double entry mode

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Tally gives us a handy option of entering vouchers in single entry mode and double entry mode. These options are available for Contra, Receipt and payment vouchers.

These entry modes are helpful while entering compound entry (single debit and multiple credit and vice versa) also enable us to speedup work.

To activate single entry mode, go to any of the above said vouchers (contra, payment, receipt)

Let’s go to payment voucher

Gateway of Tally>>Accounting vouchers

Then click on payment button on the right hand side or Use short cut key F5


Now we are in payment voucher screen

Press F12, or click on configure button

Present screen is payment Configuration sub screen


Inside the configuration screen, locate option Use Single entry mode for Pymt/Rcpt/Contra

If you set this to Yes you can use single entry voucher mode, if set No the software will use double entry mode

Make this to yes,

Now let’s enter the following entry in both single and double entry mode

31-05-2012          Office expense Paid Rs 5000.00

31-05-2012          Office electricity paid Rs 2500.00

Single entry mode

Here, Office expense and office electricity charges are expenses and cash goes out from the business. So the journal entries for the above transactions are as follows. If you don’t know the basic rule of accounting go here

Office expense ……………………Dr                    5000.00

To;  Cash                         …………….                                  5000.00


Office electricity  ………………Dr                     2500.00

To;  Cash                         …………….                                  2500.00


In payment voucher, Change the date to 31-05-2012 by pressing F2, then Select cash account on top. What is crediting in the journal should be selected in Account field.


Now press Enter button, under particulars chose the first ledger office expense then amount, press enter and move on to next field, enter the second ledger office electricity then amount.  The final screen will be like below image


Save the screen. The entry entered above is in single entry mode. The multiple debits is also called compound entry to know more about compound entry go here.

Double entry voucher mode

Now let’s enter this voucher in double entry mode, to activate double entry mode

Press F12 again and from payment configuration screen, Set

Use Single entry mode for Pymt/Rcpt/Contra to No


Now the payment voucher is in double entry mode, in this mode you must know the debit and credit aspects of each transaction to enter data, don’t know how to find out it click here.

We can enter the same transaction again.

Under particulars you can see By, in this voucher by means debit aspect of transaction, this is used instead of Dr


Enter both the debit aspects, that is office expense and office electricity, then amount, then, in the next line Instead of By Use To this is the alternative for Cr (credit ) , then select cash account. In the amount field enter total of the both expenses (7500).

The final screen will be like this


Use Dr/Cr Instead of By/To in double entry voucher screen

To do this Press F12 From the voucher screen, then set Yes for Use Dr/Cr Instead of  To/By during entry


The screen will change like


The all above methods are applicable for Contra/Receipt/Payment vouchers also.

So we covered single entry mode and double entry mode voucher entry.

To see how single entry and double entry voucher in tally entered and activate , we have created a video tutorial see this , and don’t forget to subscribe our channel


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