Use EFFECTIVE dates for vouchers, What is the use of it in Tally ERP9

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Many are confused about the option “Use EFFECTIVE dates for vouchers in Voucher Type Creation Screen. It is one of the simplest options provided, but we don’t know what is it? And where&when this option comes into use.

What is Effective dates for vouchers?

As the name reflects, this is the date at which the transaction entered will come into effect. Let’s go through an example.
Sold Rice for Rs 5000.00 to Mustafa traders on 01-04-2015.
We are giving the customer a 10 day credit period; credit period you may know, Meaning the customer should pay the seller after 10 days of purchase, on12th of April 2015.But the customer requesting you to fix an effective date of 02-04-2015 for the transaction, the reason behind the request is acceptable, as the goods delivered to the customer on that date only.

Hence the billing date is on 01-04-2015
The effective date of the voucher is on 02-04-2015

Where to use EFFECTIVE dates for vouchers?

So the customer will get one more extra day from billing date to clear his dues. EFFECTIVE date will not have any impact on accounts part, which meaning the date of transaction in ledger shows 01-04-2015 itself, but the impact shows only on the reporting part.
The Effective dates for the voucher will be used in Agewise Analysis Report. And the customer will get some extra days. instead of beginning from the billing date, the system count from the Effective date to calculate overdue days.

Assume today is 1st May 2015, Let’s find out the over due days

The system will calculate the over due from 02-04-2015
10 day credit period ends on 12-04-2015
From 13-04-2015 to 01- May-2015 19 days are there, so the over due are 19 days.

Info-graphics on Effective dates for voucher

infographics on effective date of voucher

How to do EFFECTIVE dates for vouchers

We can do and check this in Tally ERP9

Gateway of Tally>>Accounts Info>>Voucher Type>>Alter
Select Sales voucher from the list


In voucher type alteration screen,set Yes to the option “Use EFFECTIVE Dates for vouchers”.

effective dates for voucher option

Save the screen.

Now lets enter the transaction mentioned above, go to

Gateway of Tally>>Accounting Voucher >>Sales

Press F2 to put date entry, both voucher date and effective date.

Date of Voucher : 01-04-2015

Effetive Date: 02-04-2015

date entry form in tally erp9

Enter the sales transaction in the sales voucher, we have already learned  sales voucher entry  in the previous tutorial. You can see the sales entry  in the screenshot below.

sales voucher with effective date-EFFECTIVE dates for vouchers

Save the screen. So data entry for using effective dates for vouchers is completed, now report.

Gateway of Tally>>Display>>Statement Of Accounts>>Outstanding>>Receivables

Select Date Range uses Alt+F2, or clicking on Period button on right button panel.

From : 01-04-2015

To : 01-05-2015


You will have a report showing 19 days ,overdue.

If system calculating from bill date, it should have been 20 days, but here system calculated outstanding days using EFFECTIVE days, hence it comes 19 days.

overdue-days-EFFECTIVE dates for vouchers


Hope the lesson is useful, before closing ,I have a word with you all, I may not be 100% accurate on this blog, you can sent me opinions  based on your experience. Comment below for and suggestions.



  • Monika

    I want to know that i am not able to enter purchase voucher, for example when i entered 1 april to 3rd april in purchase voucher then tally accept that entry.
    But when i enter 23 april then it dont respond, even it take 1 to 3 may but why not another dates

    • Are you using an educational or licenced version ? If using a licenced version, check the Financialy year of the company,This may cause if you have selected wrong FY.

  • sandip Pyne

    Very useful


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