Voucher Class in Tally ERP9. How to enable voucher class in sales invoice?

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Unlike earlier times, now Tally has introduced more advanced features like Voucher class to minimize the time consumption and errors. Voucher class in Tally ERP9 help you to automate voucher entry to an extent, and it reduces the data entry mistakes in an extreme busy working environment.

In a nutshell, voucher classes are the templates or predefined tables that allow transaction posting without touching a ledger. Voucher classes are available for Contra, Payment, Receipt, Journal, Sales, Credit Note, Purchases, Debit Note, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Delivery Note, Stock Journal and Payroll.

How is VAT class useful in sales voucher?

There some situations where voucher class in Tally ERP9 is useful.

  1. Automate posting of sales ledger. ( in which sales account transaction is to be credited)
  2. Automate tax account selection and posting.
  3. When Tax amount is included in theSales value.
  4. In order to set automatic round off.

Enable Voucher Class in Tally ERP9

Let’s create a scenario in our company ‘SHISANA TECHNOLOGIES’ for a simple voucher class example.

Shisana technologies Sold 10 Nos Computers to ITC Limited @ 27000 + VAT of 4%.

COMPANY keeps a separate sales 4% ledger to post all 4% sale.

In this example we are going to automate Vat Ledger & sales ledger posting

Creating a Voucher class

To creating a voucher class in Tally ERP9, we have to create or edit an existing voucher type; we already had a guide on creating editing a voucher type in Tally ERP.

Let’s edit existing voucher type ‘sale’ to create a 4% sales class

Gateway of Tally>Accounts Info >Voucher Types>Alter

Select ‘Sales ‘Voucher type.

Voucher class in voucher type screen

Continue to press enter key until the cursor reaches ‘Name of class”. Enter the name of the class as you wish. Let’s name it ‘4% sales classes’. Press Enter Key, You will find a new screen like below, in the screen you can find.

Voucher Class in Tally ERP9

Include exclude Groups

Exclude Groups

If you selected a group here; the ledger under that group will not be available for data entry when using this class. This reduces the chances of wrong selection of ledger. Let’s exclude.

  • Bank Accounts.
  • Bank OD A/c
  • Sundry Creditors

These are usually will not use in sales entry.

Include Groups

If groups selected here, the ledger under that group will be available for data entry in the voucher class. Let’s include.

  • Branch/Divisions
  • Cash In Hand
  • Sundry Debtors

Default Accounting Allocations for all items in Invoice

Here accounting allocation for each stock item used in the voucher class may be specified.we have to choose the sales ledger for each item to be credited.

Percentage: 100%

Additional accounting entries

In the additional Accounting entries, Select the vat ledger in order to automate the vat ledger posting and calculation.as shown in the below image.

Voucher class creation screen

Save the voucher class and voucher type screen.

Transaction Entry Using Voucher Class

Now let’s enter the sale transaction using voucher class to do that.

Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers >Sales- F8

You will get a new voucher class selection screen

Voucher type selection

Select 4% Sales class. A VAT ledger already exists in the sales ledger.

Enter sales transaction as usual in the below screen shot.

Sales voucher with voucher class

Now Check Report whether sales transaction has been posted in to right ledger or not.

Checking reports whether postings have been done accurately.

Gateway of Tally >Account Book>Ledger

Ledger, Output VAT @4%, showing a balance of Rs 10800

Ledger,Sales@4%,showing a balance of Rs 270000.00

If postings are correct, we have done Voucher class set up accurately & successfully.

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