How to prepare quotation in Tally ERP 9?

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Many prospective customers asks for quotations for a specific work to be done or to buy a specific product. In businesses it is common that submitting a sales quote to the buyers. A quote can help a customer to compare the price and quality of material they are supplying among various suppliers and can help to buy the products or services that fit in his/her budget and imagination.

Tally allow us to prepare sales quote using sales order voucher.As you know sales order will not reflect in books of accounts.So preparing a quotation also will not have any affects in books.

Example : Lakshya Marketing requested us a quotation for 10 No CCTV  SONY. Lets make a quotation for this request.

Step 1: Activate sales order processing.

To create a quote ,we need sales order voucher, to activate sales order go to.

F11 Features>F2 Inventory Features

Enable sale order processing

Save the feature screen.

Step 2 Create a sales order voucher type

Now we can create special voucher type for entering quotations. To create voucher type go to

Gateway of Tally>Accounts Info>Voucher Types>Create

  • Give name of your choice for example Sales Quotes
  • Type of voucher = Sales order
  • Select automatic or manual voucher numbering
  • Use advance configuration for a stylish Quotation numbering if required
  • Make this voucher type as optional by default: Yes

Sales quotation voucher type

Accept the screen

Step 3 Create voucher using sales quote voucher type

The next step is creating a voucher using this voucher type there are three ways to access this voucher.

  1. Gateway of Tally>Order Vouchers>Sales order( Alt+ F5)
  2. Gateway of tally>Accounting Vouchers>Order vouchers ( Ctrl+F2)>Sales Order ( Alt+ f5)
  3. Gateway of tally>Inventory Vouchers>Order vouchers ( Ctrl+F2)>Sales Order ( Alt+ f5)

Select the quotation voucher type

Enter the quotation details as shown in the below image

Quotation entry

Save the voucher

Step 4 Print quotation

To print quotation access the voucher in alteration mode, Click on Print button at the top left of the screen or click Alt+P.Printed quotation using Tally erp 9


  • Archana

    Dear sir,
    I m unable to creat sales quotation,i did all process same as per u mantion above, i dont know but i cant able to puting quantity and rate in quatation
    plz help

    • Hi Archana,
      Please check weather Your company is in Accounts cum Inventory Mode

      Cannot solve the problem ,can you send me the screen shot of the voucher you have created & let me know Which Tally Release Versions are you using?

      my email:

  • samrat

    cant we create quotations with respect to services in tally i.e., the business is provision of services but not sale of goods

  • tariq

    I have successfully made sales order however the problem that I faced when I accept the sales order it is not effecting the customers ledger account.Please assist


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