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What is Voucher Type in Tally ERP9 ,How to create edit and delete

Earlier we had lessons about voucher entry  , edit and delete of voucher in Tally ERP9. This time we are going to learn about Voucher Types.In this chapter we will cover the following.

  1. What is voucher?
  2. What is voucher type in Tally Perspective?
  3. Pre-defined voucher types
  4. Classification of voucher type.
  5. Why new voucher type required?
  6. How to create voucher type?
  7. How to edit and delete voucher type?

What is voucher ?

In accounting sense, voucher is an internal document used in a company’s accounts payable department in order to collect and organize the necessary documentation and approvals before paying a vendor invoice. The voucher acts as a cover page to which the following will be attached: vendor invoice, company’s purchase order, company’s receiving report, and other information needed to process the vendor invoice for payment. You can get more idea about voucher here

Voucher Type In Tally ERP9 Point of View

In Tally ERP9 Voucher type is the data entry form or screen where we are entering different types of transactions like Sales,Purchase,Receipt etc.

Go to Gateway of Tally >>Accounting Vocuhers

Here are the examples of voucher types  in tally, See the below images for more clarity on the subject.


Contra Voucher Type
Payment Voucher Type
Payment Voucher Type

Pre-Defined Voucher Types In Tally

Now Lets see the pre-defined voucher types in tally, To get the Predefined Voucher type, Go to;

Gateway of Tally>>Accounts Info >>Voucher Types>>Display


In the List There are 24 Voucher Types are there.

Classification of Voucher Types

The voucher types can be classified in to three based on Tally Masters, For each Masters there are Voucher Types

  • mastersAccounting Voucher Types : – For entering accounting data like sales,purchase,receipt,payment etc.
  • Inventory Voucher Type:- For entering Inventory data, like stock journal,Material In,rejection out etc.
  • Payroll Voucher Type: – For input payroll data like attendance ,payroll etc.

Why new Voucher Type?

There are pre-created voucher types in tally for all kinds of transactions,Then why we are creating new voucher type? I will give you a simple example

You are a trader selling goods of taxes 14.5 % & 5%, in such case vendor may require  invoices with unique numbers for better administration and tax management purposes.

So each tax classes must have different numbering system and it is useful for sales volume of that particular tax class.

This is the one situation we require a new voucher type. Here we are creating the new voucher type  as “Sales 14.5”

How to create Voucher Type?

Go to

Gateway Of Tally>>Accounting Info>>Voucher Types>>Create

You will have the following Screen Enter the date as in the Below Images.

Name : Sales 14.5%

Type of Voucher : It must be “Sale” as we are creating sales voucher type.

Method of Numbering : Select whatever you want

Use Advance configuration : No ,Will give you a detailed tutorial on that later.

Use Effective dates for Vouchers :If you set this Yes ,You will have a new data entry area where you can enter voucher effective date.

Make Optional as default : Enabling this will make the voucher as  “optional voucher ”

Use Common narration : Set Yes/No Learn more here 

Narration for each entry :- Yes/No

Enabling Default Accounting Entries :  Here you can set the Default Ledger for allocating transactions ,We will give you a detailed post regarding this.

Print After Saving Voucher :- Enabling will print the invoice immediately after saving.


Press Enter and  SAVE. New voucher type will have created.

How to access new voucher type?

Go to

Gateway of Tally> Accounting Voucher >>F8 sales

You will have a list of voucher type select the newly created voucher type,and start entering data.


How to Edit the Voucher Type?

To edit the newly created voucher type go to

Gateway of Tally>>Accounting info>>Voucher Types>>Alter

Make necessary changes and save.

How to Delete the voucher type?

To delete the voucher type go to

Gateway Of Tally>>Accounting Info>>Voucher Type>>Alter

Select the Voucher type you want to delete

Click On the “Delete Button” On the bottom left of the Screen Or Use ALT+D Shotcut Keys.


We have created a video Tutorial on this you watch this on Youtube

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  • I start to entry in Tally ERP9 but I can’t changed date for next entry. If I want to change the date of any voucher by following your instruction, when I typed new date and click on enter key but I can’t go further curser stop in date column.
    Kindly suggest how can I change the date of previously entered date.

    • Hello Ram Sharma,

      Are you using Tally ERP9 original version,Educational version will not let you change date rather than changing 1 and last date of every month.
      Please let me know which version you are using ?

  • i have doubt,post entries in vochers is compulsury?in tally ERP9.pls tell me

  • yes post dated entry is compulsary but as per requirment

  • Sir, while I am creating payroll voucher type, it is not accepting by showing it already exists..
    But while displaying. There is no any voucher type named payroll..

    Plz.. clarify me

    Thanks for u r post

  • I want excel to Tally import package required gst sales and purchase purpose sir phone no 9849292959


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