How to create/edit/delete group in Tally ERP 9

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In this session we will learn how to create group in Tally ERP 9,also how to edit & delete. Group helps us to grouping and manage similar nature of ledgers. For example A company has 25 loan account from various Financial Institutions. We put all loans under Loans liability. This will help us to understand the total of all loans pending at glance.You can get printout of all account together in a sheet. If you need more  details like loans from banks and loans from private institutions.Then again we will create sub groups under Loans and liability.

In short grouping helps us for better reporting.There are 34 Predefined groups are there in Tally ERP 9.Some of them are Bank Accounts,Current Asset,Secured Loan,Indirect Expense etc. Apart from these pre defined Groups tally allow us to create under these main groups.

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A quick guide on how to create group in tally erp 9.

Here is a quick guide for those who are aware of the concept of group in tally erp 9 and just want to the path to create it. Beginners please read elaborate  tutorial following this quick guide.

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  1. Go to Gateway of Tally> Accounts Info> Groups > Create ( Under single group )
  2. Now you are in Group creation screen, Type the name of the group.
  3. Select Suitable group in the field ‘Under’
  4. Press Enter and save, You are done.

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What is Group concept?

Lets understand this concept of group with the following example .ABC Ltd has four Sale team;

Team Selling area
A North
B East
C South
D West

Salesmen of each area require Debtors list or outstanding statement of the particular area every week to get know dues from them. In such case Debtors of each area can be grouped .The report based on that group is easily available from tally. There is no requirement for segregation from complete debtors list. detailed explanation will follow this lesson.

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What is an account group in tally?

Ledgers of similar nature are bring together is called group. A Ledger can be grouped at the time of its creation. it can be edited or changed later.

How to create group in tally erp 9

Let’s create it  for the above example in this manner

Team Selling area Group Name
A North Debotr North
B East Debtor East
C South Debtor South
D West Debtor West

As we are going to create group for debtors or customers the main group is Sundry Debtors.

Go to

Gateway of tally>>Accounts info>>Groups>>Create (under single mode)

Name:  Type the desired name

Alias:  alias name if required, an alternative name.

Under:  Select the suitable category; here we are creating for sundry debtors

You are also able to create new primary groups if desired by selecting ‘primary’ All primary groups are already exists in tally.

Additional fields like ‘Groups behaves like a sub ledger‘ set as No for now.

Create Debtor East, Debtor South,Debtors west in the same manner.

How to view group

To view go to

Account info>Groups>Display

Now type the name

Select the group wants to see, then press enter, a screen similar to below displayed, which is called display screen.

Here you cannot edit ant thing.

How to alter or edit group

Go to

Account info>Groups>Alter

Select the name from the list that is required to be edited

Alter required field, and save the screen.

How to delete a group in tally erp 9

To delete Go to

Account info>Group>Alter

Select the group you want to delete; the alteration screen will appear

Press delete button from the bottom bar

Or Use Alt+D from the keyboard, tally will ask you confirmation, press Y  or enter button for deletion.

It will have deleted. It cannot delete if it contains a ledger in it. To delete such group you have move all ledgers contained in it.


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    Group explanation is very nice,please explain the additonal fields in group also.

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    Group explanation is very nice,please explain the inventory additonal fields in group also


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