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Group creation’ we have learned in a previous session .Here we can analyze advanced options for creating group in tally. By using advance option we can enhance the quality of reports and data entry. Let’s learn advance group creation and understand step by step what the benefits of advanced option are?

How to enable advanced entries in Masters

Go to Accounts info>>Group>>Create    Under Single Group

group creation screenNow you are in Group creation screen, Press F12 a screen likes below will appear


Set Yes to “Allow Advanced Entries in Masters”

Now a little larger group creation screen will appear with some more options underneath.


You can enable or disable options by typing Yes or No. the benefits are explained below  in brief

In this new group creation screen we can see four additional options

Group behaves like a Sub ledger: when we set this to No, You can see the details of Sub ledger in detailed view of report, Groups behaves like sub ledger explained here in detail

Nett Debit/Credit Balance for reporting:  Suppose you have set this feature to yes, you can see the net balance of group, which means that no Debit balance total or credit balance total will not displayed instead Net debit or credit balance this is explained in detail here

Used for calculation (eg. Taxes, Discounts): This option is applicable only for Sales voucher entry. You can set automatic calculation for discounts taxes etc. Used for calculation explained here in detail

Method to allocate When used in Purchase Invoice: This option appear only when allow Invoicing” and “Enter Purchases in Invoice Format” is activated in F11: Accounting features. This is used to allocate expense in the reation of value or quantity or value. This is explained here

The detailed tutorial on each options follows this lesson,


  • Nadeem

    how i create company in new master

  • Ranveet singh Rathor

    Sir Please clear any topic step by step
    there is nothing solution step by step study

  • Ranveet singh Rathor`

    what will be happen if I choose any option in Group creation last option “Method to allocate when used in purchase invoice


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