How to delete a group in tally?

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We have learned how to create,display and edit group in Tally ERP 9.There may be situations of deleting group like you have moved all existing ledger from a group and that groups remains unused in your system. Today let’s learn how to delete a group in tally.

Before deleting you must understand when a groups can be deleted

  • You cannot delete any Primary or default Group already exists in tally erp 9
  • You cannot delete any group under which a sub group exists.
  • You cannot delete a group under which a ledger exists

The below chart will gives you a clear idea about the situations you cannot delete a group in tally.


Delete groups in tally?

Group Delete function can be done Only in Single Group Alteration Screen and cannot be done at multiple group alteration screens.

Go to Accounts info>Groups>Alter or Use Hot Key Combination A>G>A from keyboard.

Select Alter under Menu Single group

Group alteration menu

Press “Enter” button,The list of group will be displayed.

List of groups

Type the first few letters of the group, the list will get reduced and only groups starting with the letter you typed will be displayed.Select The group to be deleted.

Press “Alt+D” to delete the group. Or you can use Delete Button at the bottom of the Screen

Delete button in group alteration mode

Tally will ask a confirmation to delete.The screen will look like this.


Press Enter Key or Press Y from Keyboard to delete. The selected Account group will have deleted.


  • Laxmi Narayan

    Sir, i am not able to delete a group in tally. delete option is not highlighted. kindly tell me the process

    • You might have created some ledgers under that group and entered transactions with that ledger.In such case you have to delete those entries then, remove the group from that ledger. Then only you can delete the group. To remove the group There will not be any ledger and transactions exist that group


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