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Now we know how to create a new group under a single group, create group under advance mode and multiple groups’ creation. In this chapter we are going to discuss

  1. How to view a group in tally.
  2. How to modify a group in tally

As group creation, each of the actions mentioned above have two dimensions. The first one is under single group and the second one is under multiple groups.

View group in tally under single group?

Display of group means, just see what you have created, under which group the newly created sub group exists etc. You are not permitted to edit anything from this view screen.

To view group go to

Gateway of Tally>>Account info>>Groups>>Display

Select Display under Single Group


Press Enter and select the group name that has to be viewed.

Press enter

The next screen is the Group Display Screen; you can understand the anatomy of group here and nothing can be modified.

So under single group display is over

Display group under Multiple Groups

This is the same effect, but can be viewed groups in bulk,

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Account info>>Groups>>Display

Select Display under Multiple Groups

Select a main group under which many sub groups exists.

Let’s take sundry debtors in our example

The screen will be as follows


Or you can select All items instead of Sundry debtors to view all groups in the same screen.

Alter a group under single group

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Account info>>Groups>>Alter

Select Alter under single group

Press Enter to see the list of groups

Select the group you want to Edit or alter; now the alteration screen will appear where you can make modifications on the name, group and enable, disable advanced features etc.

Alter Group under multiple group

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Account info>>Groups>>Alter

Select Alter under Multiple groups

Press enter to move on to multiple group alteration screens

Select a group under which many group exists for Eg: “Sundry Debtors”, or select “All items “at the top of “under” field. Let’s select All items.

all item

Alteration screen with all groups will appear

The important point to note is that.

For per-existing groups or default groups in tally can change its name only, the group under which it exists cannot be changed.

But a newly created sub group (created by user) can be changed both its name and under group.


Make necessary changes and save the screen. To save screen you can use a short cut Ctrl + A

Short cut keys under multiple group Alteration screen

There are some more options for faster data entry in multiple group alteration. You can use this options either by clicking on the button provided at the top


Or Use as a short cut key

Important this shortcut key will work only from Multiple group alteration screen.

F4:      Use F4 key to select a new parent, the cursor will move to the field “Under “at top of the screen to select a new parent group to edit without go away from current screen.

Ctrl + F4:   This short cut is to select a new parent group by quitting current screen

F6:  using this feature you can skip name, you can move through group name only, when you press enter the cursor will move through group name only .This is useful when you want to change the “Under” group.

F7: by pressing this shortcut key, you can skip the group name, when pressing ‘enter’ the cursor will move through group name only. This is useful when you want to alter the group name only.

F10:  Using this short cut key you can edit the sorting position of the group. This will change the position of that particular group in balance sheet and other reports. Pressing again will skip the sorting . we will discuss this feature later.


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